Mets Encouraged By Ike Davis Since Return; Worried About Shaun Marcum

The New York Mets should be very encouraged from what they’ve seen in the two games since Ike Davis was promoted. Personally, I think more Saturday than the three hits Friday.

Little League coaches are fond of saying, “a walk is as good as a hit,’’ and that couldn’t be truer about Davis last night as he walked three times. The walks show patience and plate presence, and for Davis that’s an encouraging sign.

Ike-DavisI’ve been writing the Mets might want to see what they can get for Davis by the trade deadline. That doesn’t mean I want the Mets to trade, just that’s what I believe could be their thinking.

Terry Collins vowed Josh Satin would not be forgotten in the wake of Davis’ promotion, and he’ll be playing today against left-hander Tom Gorzelanny, but would say where.

Satin has been working out in the outfield and second base. It’s difficult to believe he’ll replace leadoff hitter Eric Young in left field or Marlon Byrd, one of the Mets’ hottest hitters, in right field.

Against a lefty, Collins will likely sit Daniel Murphy or Davis. I’m thinking the former because Davis has had consecutive good games and Collins wouldn’t want to disrupt that roll.

MARCUM A PUZZLE: There have been a lot of good pitchers who use a personal catcher. Greg Maddux had one, as did Steve Carlton.

In his wildest dreams, Marcum isn’t half as good as either. Yet, he wanted one, and got John Buck last night. Based on performance, Marcum doesn’t deserve one, but Collins probably acquiesced because he’s searching for anything to get Marcum going.

It didn’t help as he gave up six runs in five innings. He also gave up 11 hits and a walk, so Brewers were on base all night against him.

After losing his tenth game of the season, Marcum said he’s bothered by numbness and coldness in his right hand.

Marcum played the brave soldier and told reporters last night, “I’m not going to pull myself out of the game.’’ Marcum has been bothered by neck and back soreness since spring training. He’s had his good moments, but mostly he’s been bad.

Marcum said the numbness increases and his velocity decreases as his pitch count mounts. With an off-day in the schedule this week, Marcum could get an extra day of rest. And, after that is the All-Star break, so he could get consecutive starts with additional rest. The Mets could give him those to see if that will help.

Marcum isn’t the Mets’ only pitching concern. Jon Niese, who has a slight tear in his rotator cuff is scheduled for a MRI Monday, which could determine whether surgery is needed.

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6 thoughts on “Mets Encouraged By Ike Davis Since Return; Worried About Shaun Marcum

  1. Ike looks like Duda, all walks and no hits.
    When he struck out last night he looked like the same old Ike.

  2. There is nobody that looks like Duda and thank God for that. Except for the one hit against the Yankees he has never gotten a big hit in a pressure spot. At least Ike has proven potential as in his 32 home runs last season. Lets see what Ike can so in the second half of this season. We need to see if his head is on right and if not, it might be time in the off season to trade him to someone else. We can’t keep having this nonsense year after year of Ike wasting half a season. As for Duda, he was never seen as a part of the future. He was always a fill-in piece until the time came for the Mets to move forward in the standings. He truly is a fragile ego who can’t field, can’t hit when the game is on the line and will never be anything more than a stop-gap player for anyone. Not to mention being a not very bright player. Like I’ve said in the past, it would take him an hour and a half to watch ’60 Minutes’.

    • Rob: The problem is they won’t be able to trade Davis in the offseason unless they extend him first. If they don’t tender Davis a contract he is gone. … As for Duda, great line about 60 Minutes. A classic.-JD

  3. I remember Marcum came into Spring and was not in shape.

    I wonder if he was hiding/managing his chronic injury or if he is just an idiot and came to Spring unprepared and lost a season.

    Either way he has hurt the team.

    Either he was hurt coming in and told no one about it hoping he can wish the injury away ( I always need a shot in the arm, every year )

    Or he came in with no preparation and when he had to stress his body it reacted and said no!

    Either way this is a bad signing. We should have just resigned Young for that veteran presence to help the rotation. I blame Sandy on this one.

    So with the terrible record that TC will have at the end of the year he will be gone.

    They will not take into consideration that he had no outfield at the beginning of the season. That half his infield was completely unproductive. That his rotation at the beginning of the season consisted of one pitcher. That his pen was a mess and completely useless at the beginning of the season.

    And yet he is expected to win.