Should The Mets Shut Down Jon Niese?

One had to wonder what the New York Mets were thinking when they said Jon Niese would undergo an MRI on July 4. The exam was re-scheduled until Monday because the doctor was, now get this, on vacation for the holiday.

Couldn’t somebody have figured that out ahead of time?

NIESE: Should the Mets shut him down? (AP)

NIESE: Should the Mets shut him down? (AP)

So, it won’t be determined until Monday whether Niese’s slightly torn rotator cuff will need surgery. Sending Niese to the mound without surgery or at least a longer period of rest with rehabilitation can’t be a good idea.

Sure, you want the Mets to be competitive, but not at the expense of Niese’s future.

With the way things currently are in the Mets’ rotation, they might need another starter because Shaun Marcum’s durability is in question, but its more prudent to dip below to Triple-A Las Vegas than it would be to go back to Niese.

Of course, Niese wants to pitch, but remember this is a transition year with little expected of the Mets. They are fourth in the NL East and 12 games below .500. With little reason to think they’ll suddenly flip a switch and become a contender, the prudent option might be to shut Niese down for the remainder of the season.

Rotator cuff surgery isn’t as debilitating as it once was, so if surgery were done know there’s a greater chance of him being ready next season, if not by spring training.

Remember, his injury isn’t deemed as serious as that of Johan Santana, so a shutdown might be the way to go. It is better to do it now when nothing is expected of the season than risk losing him later, perhaps next year when more is on the line.

PENDING ROSTER MOVES: The Mets must make a roster move to accommodate the promotion of first baseman Ike Davis. Optioning current first baseman Josh Satin isn’t going to happen.

One option is to send down Gonzalez Germen, however, the Mets are concerned about Marcum’s back for Saturday’s game and might need another pitcher.

ESPN reports a consideration could be sending out Kirk Nieuwenhuis or Jordany Valdespin, the latter whose playing time has greatly been reduced since the failed attempt at leaving him at second base for a week.

Reliever Greg Burke is returning on the Las Vegas shuttle after Brandon Lyon was designated for assignment after Thursday’s game.

SERIES ROTATION: Zack Wheeler (1-1, 5.06 ERA) goes against Johnny Hellweg (0-1, 20.25) tonight; Marcum (1-9, 5.03) is tentatively scheduled against Yovani Gallardo (6-8, 4.78) Saturday, and Jeremy Hefner (3-6, 3.54) starts against Wily Peralta (5-9, 5.27) Sunday.

Interesting but no pitcher in the series has a winning record. I wonder when the last time that occurred this late in the season.

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3 thoughts on “Should The Mets Shut Down Jon Niese?

  1. They need to get Niese right. He is a quality lefty with an injury history. It would be hard for the team to replace him.

    On Valdespin, what happened to him? He wasn’t going to replace Dan. Dan is better. Dan is a legit MLB hitter who works hard and hits around 300. They new guy Young replacing any playing time he had in the OF.

  2. First, there is no surgical repair for a partial thickness tear, unless the tear is at the ligamentary attachment. It is the general orthopedic procedure these days to simply rest this type of injury.

    What bothers me is that the first time Niese had shoulder trouble is when he had the tear. How it was missed is beyond me but it is a classic situation.

    He is going through the standard rehab and since the rotator cuff is simply 4 stablilizing muscles, strengthening the group and the rest of the shoulder is proper. If it is determined that that has happened, than he should be fine to throw. I just don’t trust the Mets medical staff at this point after missing the diagnosis the first time, and with their history over the last few years.

    In addition, he must maintain his delivery consistently, another issue I have with the Mets. We’ll see.

    • SL: Thanks so much for your response. … I would opt for the rest, and a lot of it. As much as I would like to see the Mets make a run at .500, it isn’t worth exposing Niese to further injury. And, you’re right, the Mets’ medical staff doesn’t elicit a lot of confidence.-JD