Mets Should Explore Trading Ike Davis To Yankees

Why is Ike Davis still in Triple-A Las Vegas when the New York Mets should be exploring all their options, including trading him to the Bronx?

With Mark Teixeira out for the remainder of the season after re-injuring his wrist, and with a good chance the Mets won’t tender Davis in the off-season and let him walk, shouldn’t two plus two equal four?

DAVIS: Mets should be talking to Yanks about him.

DAVIS: Mets should be talking to Yanks about him.

The Yankees remain contenders despite not having Teixeira, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson. Who knows if, and when, they’ll return? In the interim, Davis might give them a boost.

The Yankees’ offense has been as barren as the Mets’ have been, but because of their starting pitching, Mariano Rivera and a fast start, they are still a potential force in the AL East.

However, they are in need of a first baseman and a bat. Travis Hafner can no longer play first and his bat has cooled considerably. You’d think the Yankees would jump at the chance to add a left-handed power hitter such as Davis, who is making a little over $3 million.

That would be a very easy contract for the Yankees to pick up, and if it doesn’t work out they can always non-tender Davis this winter. Either way, does anybody really expect to see Davis in Flushing in 2014?

Davis is starting to hit in Vegas and was recently named the Pacific Coast Player of the Week. I can see him salivating at the opportunity to hit at Yankee Stadium.

Despite Davis’ rising numbers in Vegas, the Mets are reluctant to bring him up, citing facing a pair of left-handers against both the Nationals and Diamondbacks in their upcoming homestand at Citi Field. That should tell you something about the Mets’ feelings regarding Davis. If they thought he has found it, he’d be heading on a plane to New York.

Perhaps, the Yankees can see the same thing in Davis. However, they aren’t dealing from a position of strength, and desperate times could mean the desperate measure of trading for Davis.

Davis appears to have worn out his welcome with the Mets, while Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain are reportedly done after this year with the Yankees. They won’t get both, but I’d trade Davis for Hughes even-up in a heartbeat.

A change of scenery could work for all concerned. This could work with some tweaking.

Sandy Alderson should be on the phone with Brian Cashman, and soon.

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7 thoughts on “Mets Should Explore Trading Ike Davis To Yankees

  1. I don’t know why the Yanks would want him

    He can’t hit and his fielding has declined

    Right now he is getting oh fors in AAA. If he can’t solve AAA how can he help them?

    I read something the other day where they proposed to trade bobby. I think it’s a great idea. If we can get a real good OF, bobby offers a low cost closer who is very good. We are not competing for a few years and have a bunch of power arms who won’t all pan out so we have a shot at an internal closer candidate ( familia? ) or maybe a stud ss since Ruben has problems and I don’t hear the guy we drafted is ripping it up down there

  2. why would the mets trade Ike Davis for a player who’s in their walk year (Hughes), when the Yankees could control Davis for a few years, its not like its a salary dump for the Mets

  3. You would trade Davis for Phil Hughes in a heartbeat??? You’d trade him for a guy that can and will walk at the end of the season? You’d trade Davis for a guy just as inconsistent as he is?? Words fail me, just as common sense fails you! It’s one thing to start up a discussion on a topic but let’s use a little common sense to go along with it, ok?

    • Rob: Talk about common sense? Davis is also gone at the end of the year. With how he’s played why would the Mets tender him a contract. As far as Hughes is concerned, he’s had pockets of success, and a pitcher with potential is always more valuable than a so-so hitter. That’s the common sense part of it. You need to use some before you start talking.-JD

      • Ok, now that your high horse is off and running you seem to be under the impression that Davis is gone from the Mets at the end of this season. First of all, you don’t know that. That is all your guess work, unless you have the confidence of Sandy, Paul etc which I seriously doubt since half the things you say on here is just to start some inane discussion on a topic of which you have no inside information. So, stop the bull about me getting common sense about this topic. Phil Hughes is going to leave the Yanks after this year so he can have his payday. And you know damn well Sandy is not going to be offering him the bucks to stay in Queens. So, that being the case, where do the Mets go for a first baseman in 2014?? Now trust me, I am not saying Ike is the ideal first baseman of the future, but given what the Mets have under their control right now, who replaces him? Satin? Wrong! Murphy? I don’t think Mr. Brickhead is the answer either. Duda? The doof isn’t the answer either. It takes this bozo an hour and a half to watch ’60 Minutes’! So that leaves us with filling another position in addition to an entire outfield, a bullpen, figuring out shortstop, and filling in at least the 4 and 5 spots in the rotation. Looks like Sandy has his hands full this winter eh? I think he has enough on his plate this offseason without some blogger pulling inane trades out of his ass!