Mets’ Matt Harvey Good, But Hold Off On Great

Matt Harvey is having a terrific season for the New York Mets, and the team and its fan base should be thrilled and excited about his future. But, can we have a little perspective please?

I read a blog post where the writer said he wouldn’t trade Harvey for any pitcher “on the planet,’’ which is an overused expression to begin with, one having cliché proportions.

HARVEY: Good, not great. (AP)

HARVEY: Good, not great. (AP)

Harvey will be making his 26th career start this afternoon, so that’s clearly jumping the gun. As good a season as he’s having, there are others having better years; others with better career numbers; and others with futures seemingly as bright.

Clayton Kershaw and Clay Buchholz, Patrick Corbin and Jordan Zimmerman, Adam Wainwright and Felix Hernandez. They are all good, young pitchers with bright futures as gleaming as Harvey’s. And, don’t overlook Stephen Strasburg.

There’s also the majors’ best pitcher this year in Detroit’s Max Scherzer, and his teammate, Justin Verlander, who is regarded as the best pitcher in the majors overall.

Twenty-five career starts is not enough of a sample to say he’s the best. Very good, but let’s have a reality check for a moment.

It is understood Harvey pitches for a bad team this year, but in the 15 starts he’s made he’s had eight no-decisions. That’s not a great ratio. Great pitchers, regardless of the quality of their teams, usually find a way to win.

Like most everybody else this spring, I am fascinated by Harvey and he is must-see for me, whether at the park or on TV. But, he’s not the best pitcher “on the planet.’’ He’s trying, which is the best thing to like about him, but he’s not there.

If Harvey is to become a great, franchise pitcher the way Tom Seaver once was, he must find a way to convert those no-decisions into victories. And, if you think I’m dumping on Harvey, he would be the first to agree.

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4 thoughts on “Mets’ Matt Harvey Good, But Hold Off On Great

  1. The writer of the blog post you saw said that Harvey shouldn’t be TRADED for any pitcher on the planet, not that he’s the best pitcher on earth right now. I think that’s accurate, especially considering the Mets need young talent as they are building towards the future. I can’t see any real justification for trading Harvey for any pitcher this year. Also, do a little research on Harvey’s no decisions, where supposedly he should have “willed” his team to win. He gets very sub par run support, and once threw a nine inning shut out only to get a no decision in a 1-0 extra innings loss.

  2. John

    I get your point that we as fans may be getting carried away. Yes it has been only 25 games, but considering the disappointments he is all we have.

    It is him and Wright and Parnell. Those are the only elite level players we have.

    You bring up the no decisions but to be fair he only had a handful of avg games. Most of those no decisions should be wins. Leaving in the 7th or 8th with one or two runs on the board should be a win. Often it is not.

    So while you are right we need to see a larger body of work I think he is the real deal, unless he does a Gooden

  3. Are you kidding me??? Has to find a way to win those no decisions??? What does he need to do, pitch a perfect game every time out ? Drive in all the runs? Given proper run support, reliable bullpen, and decent defense, he should have 4 more victories at least. Even on bad days, ( rare ), he keeps them in the game. Yes it’s early, I will agree, but this guy’s the real deal. Let’s go Mets!

  4. I thought this was a Mets site? You can make a case that Harvey is the best pitcher in baseball for 2013.

    Harvey is a Great pitcher simple as that. If he’s not a Great pitcher than there are none in the majors.

    Blaming him for no decisions??? He’s gotten lousy run support for one and outside of Parnell the bullpen was pretty terrible for April and May. And then there’s the mediocre defense he’s had to deal with all year. The only thing he has in his favor is that his home park is a great pitcher’s park.