Mets, June 14, Lineup Against Cubs

The following is tonight’s power-laden line-up the New York Mets will field behind Shaun Marcum tonight at Citi Field:

Jordany Valdespin, 2B: While it is a good idea to find out what Valdespin can do, that was something better done in spring training. He’s also had several starts leading off, and I wonder why he wasn’t given an extended look there earlier, even at a different position.

Daniel Murphy, 1B: What will happen when Ike Davis returns from Las Vegas? Will Murphy go back to second and Valdespin to the bench? It will never run that smoothly, especially if Valdespin loses playing time. Perhaps this is done to showcase Valdespin or Murphy in a July trade.

David Wright, 3B: Third always has been the best spot for him because that spot is reserved for the team’s best hitter.

Lucas Duda, LF: Actually, Duda has played better in left than I expected. I don’t care if he takes ten pitches per at-bat. In the long run that is the best way he’ll develop.

Marlon Byrd, RF: This is a player the Mets should be showcasing for a trade because he has value.

John Buck, C: Buck as a spot here as long as he remains compatible with Matt Harvey and Travis d’Arnaud is injured.

Omar Quintanillia, SS: If he keeps hitting, Ruben Tejada might not have a job when he comes back.

Juan Lagares, CF: He hasn’t shown anything offensively. He should be getting steady at-bats in the minor leagues.

Shaun Marcum, RHP: Has pitched better than his record indicates. He keeps pitching well and a contender will call.

5 thoughts on “Mets, June 14, Lineup Against Cubs

  1. Wow. I wonder why they changed the order?

    I don’t think the Mets should trade Dan. He is a good player who comes to the park every day to improve. With Tuefel’s help he has become a serviceable 2b. He was a man without a position and now we depend on him. He is one of the few consistent bats we have. We cannot trade him. On a better team, sure. Although we have nothing to replace him with Valde is not a better player and neither is anyone in AAA. I am glad Lagares gets a chance to play. We need to see what he can do and see if Capt Kirk can adjust to the bigs.

    I agree on Byrd.

    • dave: I’m torn on Murphy as I don’t believe he’s part of their future. They could, and have, done a lot worse at second base. … Byrd has to be opening eyes.-JD

  2. They seemed to make it pretty clear that Murph would be back at 2b when Ike comes back. I suppose something different could happen if JV plays great…but that seems unlikely to happen and if it does they can just put JV back in the OF…it’s not like there isn’t room for an effective player out there.

    I doubt moving Murph to 1b has anything to do with “showcasing” Murph for a trade. He can play a solid 1b, but his bat plays much better at 2b than at 1b, so he has much more trade value as a 2bman. I suppose in an out there idea if JV plays great they could then considering trading Murph, but that seems doubtful especially since JV isn’t that good, and I don’t think they’d make a rash decision of trusting JV to replace Murph (who is the second best hitter on the team) after what might be a month or so.

    • applesauce: No question he has a second baseman’s bat. I would hope they wouldn’t take Valdespin over Murphy, but they have made dumb decisions before. If you’re going to juggle things like this, wouldn’t the smart thing to do is have a plan if things worked out a certain way?-JD

    • Somehow I do not believe the team when they say something.

      Maybe it is just me but the ownership has lied before and will continue to do so. They have no honor