The Need To Extend Terry Collins’ Contract

If Terry Collins and his staff aren’t the problem as GM Sandy Alderson suggested, then why not extend their contracts through 2015, or at least, 2014? If they aren’t the issue and considered part of the solution, it would seem a prudent action if for no other reason but send a message to the players the organization has a plan.

The Mets do have a plan, don’t they?

Few things are more fragmenting to a team than a managerial search. It would be great to go into the offseason not having to worry about the manager. And, if the Mets had to search for a new manager, that would set things back.

My first choice is if the Mets believe they are headed in the right direction would be to extend Collins for two basic reasons: 1) the players have not quit on him, which is the classic sign, and 2) management has not given him enough quality players.

One can’t make a fair assessment on Collins based on the talent given him.

If you’re buying into Alderson’s opening hire comments about changing the culture and patience being needed, then Collins can’t go the first time there’s an appearance of having money to spend.

Collins was Alderson’s pick and he’s done everything asked of him. He’s even had the Mets competitive until the lack of talent wore thin.

If Collins isn’t the right guy, then neither is Alderson, who is the architect. The Mets say they are building with young pitching, and in Matt Harvey, Jon Niese and Zack Wheeler, there’s potential. They are even getting good pitching from unexpected sources, such as Dillon Gee and Jeremy Hefner.

They rotation overcame the losses of Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey, and the early hole in the back end to have pitched well. They would have more to show for their efforts if there was a bullpen and hitting. Supposedly, that’s where the freed-up money will be spent next winter, and Collins should get the chance to benefit from that spending.

If the Mets aren’t happy with the job Collins has done, then by extension they can’t be satisfied with Alderson.

There are things I don’t like about what Alderson has done, but admit part of that comes from not knowing all he knows about what’s going on behind closed doors and being impatient about wanting results.

Alderson’s draft picks haven’t produced, but how many picks are playing after three years? That must get better.

It will be interesting to see how Alderson spends this winter because his patch-quilt approach the past three years haven’t gotten it done. I understand why they went in that direction, but if what you’re telling me is true, you should have more to spend.

And, remember it not about the willingness to spend, as the Wilpons have written checks before. It is about writing them wisely. Jason Bay, Frank Francisco, Frankie Rodriguez, Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo and the list goes on, were bad baseball decisions.

Alderson’s reputation is about making smart decisions. Now, let’s see it.

So, if the Mets believe they have the right plan in place, then Alderson needs to extend Collins. And, if not, can we assume they starting over again?

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8 thoughts on “The Need To Extend Terry Collins’ Contract

  1. Is there a “proven manager” who is just waiting for a phone call? Joe Torre is probably too old. Bobby Valentine probably irrevocably damaged himself in Boston and the Mets never showed much interest in bringing him back. Are Wally Backman in Las Vegas and Carlos Lopez in Binghampton considered top prospects? Backman did get hired by Arizona back in 2004 but his criminal record caught up with him (which Jason Kidd of the Brooklyn Nets seems to be immuned to, judging by articles I have read on his hiring),

    • Dan: The one guy I would want is Minnesota’s Ron Gardenhire, whose contract runs out after this year. If the Twins are dumb enough to let him go, disregard what I said. The Mets should make a run at him.-JD

  2. I read something recently where they said Terry can’t more aggressively punish players because he has to be nice considering he has no contract and hence no authority.

    I think Sandy’s contract is up this year or next. Not sure what that means.

    I agree that Sandy’s off season moves are wanting, especially this year. I am ok with his drafts as he has mostly played it safe and the players we got seem to be good. But they have not moved above A ball so you cannot measure them. I hear the first round pick will sign soon.

    While the team keeps saying it is not $$ constrained I have not seen them spend any money or go after any good player in his time here. I will take that as evidence that they are lying.

    The team may be forced to hire Wally next year if he fixes Ike. They may not like him as he is a loose canon but if he gets results the fans that are left may demand they hire him. I think Terry is gone. So why spend money you don’t have to?

    • dave: Right now, I can’t see the Mets hiring Backman. I don’t know if he’s really in their plans. As far as Collins is concerned, he shouldn’t manage tentatively, he should manage aggressively and if that means hurting feelings, so be it.-JD

  3. So Davey and Terry are coaches in the all star game. I have to think hometown discount here.

    How do you pick a coach whose team is at the bottom of the pile?

  4. Everybody talks about the Mets lack of talent, their modest payroll, the need to start spending. But is that really the problem? Compare the Rays. Is their rotation better? Mmmm… Harvey has done much better than Price so far, and the Mets rotation has been pretty good during this horrible June. Is their lineup better? Mmmm…. take out Longoria and Wright, and neither has much more on paper. Maybe their bullpen is a little better. Payrolls?

    New York Mets $88,877,033
    Tampa Bay $57,030,272

    Yet again, the Rays are over .500 and right in the middle of the race in a division that is arguably tougher than the NL east. I don’t know whose fault it is, but I wish the Mets’ manager were Maddon instead of Collins.