Mets Remain Stuck After Ike Davis Demotion; Doing Daniel Murphy Wrong

At least the Mets had one issue resolved Tuesday night, and that is who to demote from the rotation when Zack Wheeler is brought up. That will be Jeremy Hefner, who gave up five unearned runs.

The Mets are determined to bring up Wheeler despite questions of him not being ready because they desperately want a diversion to this already lost season. Hefner and Dillon Gee have pitched too well recently to lose their spot in the rotation, but that is irrelevant.

MURPHY: Doing him wrong.

MURPHY: Doing him wrong.

Last night’s enduring image was Daniel Murphy’s error. After two years of Murphy trying to learn second base, the Mets moved him back to first base when Ike Davis was sent down. Sandy Alderson’s sterling reasoning: To see what Jordany Valdespin can give them at second base and leadoff.

For the Mets’ myriad of questions, Valdespin isn’t much an answer to any of them. But, it makes sense using Metsian logic to make things difficult for a decent, hard working, productive guy in Murphy to placate a headache such as Valdespin. Am I being unfair to Valdespin? Perhaps, but has he really earned the benefit of doubt?

Why fool around with one of their more productive players in Murphy at first when they just brought up first baseman Josh Satin to replace Davis? What’s Satin doing here if he’s not going to play?

As far as trying to learn about Valdespin, that’s what spring training was about. And, what is the correlation between batting leadoff and playing second? If the Mets want to learn about Valdespin hitting leadoff they’ve had plenty of opportunities.

As far as Davis is concerned, he was 0-for-3 last night at Las Vegas, after which he declined to talk to reporters who traveled 2,500 miles to see him. He’s lucky people still care about what he does.

Davis said he’s in Las Vegas to work on his swing, which is only partially correct. He’s also there to work on his plate presence and approach that is abundantly flawed. If Davis believes going to Las Vegas is only to work on mechanics he will never get out of this funk.

Hitting is first mental, then physical, something Davis does not recognize or chooses to ignore. The Mets waited far too long to demote Davis and are not waiting long enough to promote Wheeler.

That does make me curious about one thing. Will Davis still be in Las Vegas by the time they send back Wheeler?

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7 thoughts on “Mets Remain Stuck After Ike Davis Demotion; Doing Daniel Murphy Wrong

  1. Yes. They sacrificed Dan for Valde. This better not be a long term thing.

    Murphy has played a solid 2b, but if it improves the team they need to do something. Perhaps it is an audition for moving Valde.

    Everything I read says Wheeler will be here tues for a Harvey double header.

    I saw a clip of Ike admitting he got fired and that he needs to learn to hit again.

    I also read that the team will have $50M of free cash to spend. They should do something if possible this year to get a decent OF. Their RF is ok, but I understand he is too old to play every day, they have no CF and the LF has no clue.

  2. Don’t you think they are trying to showcase JV at his natural position?
    I think they would love to trade him.

  3. “As far as trying to learn about Valdespin, that’s what spring training was about.”

    Yes, and Valdespin was, perhaps, the best player in spring training. Also, if you look at his April box scores for the Mets, Valdespin was doing great and then Collins yanked him from the lineup. Maybe we’d have a leadoff hitter if Collins kept him in there. The veteran star 2B Cano said Valdespin works hard with him in the summers (see the Daily News article).

    Valdespin is also a much better defensive 2B. Why is defense in the outfield so important to Collins, but not at 2B a traditionally defense-first position? Valdespin has a lot more range on grounder and short fly balls. Plus the speed at the leadoff spot. He got to second twice for Wright yesterday: once avoiding a double play and another on an error his speed caused.

    I get that the media and a lot of teammates might not like his joking around or cockiness, but the kid has earned playing time. He brings a lot to the table that the Mets don’t have on the roster.

  4. Gee had another good outing.

    I read where Wally could be auditioning to managing Queens. If he can fix Ike when no one else could it may make his case that he is the best manager for the club.