Mets Finally Demote Ike Davis

Falling under the category of it being about time, the Mets demoted Ike Davis this afternoon, along with outfielder Mike Baxter and left-hander Robert Carson to Triple-A Las Vegas.

Davis has struggled all season and there has been speculation of him being optioned for several weeks, but GM Sandy Alderson has been reluctant to make the move. He finally ran out of patience following the Mets being swept for the second straight weekend.

“At some point you just have to say to yourself this is not in his best interest,” Alderson said. “I was one of his biggest supporters. I just felt at some point we’ve got to get him out of here. Hopefully he’ll be back in a short period of time. But he needs to go there. He needs to be able to play every day. He needs to be able to work on his swing without worrying necessarily about the outcome. We think it’s in his best interest.”

Davis struggled early last year but rebounded in the second half to finish with 32 homers. After a similar slow start this season, Davis vowed things would be different, but they’ve been even worse. Davis has been adamant in insisting he believes he needs to resolve his issues on this level and wouldn’t benefit from the minor leagues.

On the issue of strikeouts, Davis maintains he’s a home run hitter and strikeouts are part of the package, and has shown no interest in shortening his stroke or going to the opposite field. Davis proved vulnerable to high fastballs and breaking pitches away last year and demonstrated no improvement this season.

Davis is hitting .161 with five homers and 16 RBI, a .242 on-base percentage and a .258 slugging percentage. Davis has 30 hits and 19 walks this year compared to 66 strikeouts. He is on pace to strike out 184 times and hit just 14 homers.

Alderson said the Mets will promote three players Monday, including a first baseman and would not move Daniel Murphy or Lucas Duda to first.


9 thoughts on “Mets Finally Demote Ike Davis

      • The problem with these moves is that it does NOTHING to improve the major league team. Yes, let’s bring up Satin, a career .192 hitter with 0 hrs and a grand total of 2 rbi’s. Sandy needs to do something and damn fast to improve this horrid disgraceful team he assembled for 2013. I know Alderson was brought in here to get this franchise back on track and usually that comes with slow, steady improvement on the major league level but this year has been boring, distressing and painful with all equals up to unwatchable. Why would anyone spend a dollar of their money to watch this pathetic team play in person? How is that going to help the Wilpons out of their situation? I could go on and on, but nothing is going to change this year. When these moves fail, maybe Sandy will be allowed to sign Cleon Jones again.

        • Rob: Thanks for your response. … There is little about this other than shuffling bodies that will help the major league team. Unless, Davis can figure things out. … In answer to your most important question of why anybody would want to spend a dollar to see this, I don’t have a good answer. If you’re a Mets fan you will watch out of loyalty, but the Mets have gone beyond testing that loyalty.-JD

  1. For all those blaming Collins, read carefully. Alderson stated clearly he is not moving duda or Murphy to first. Alderson is pulling all the strings, yet most are blaming the puppet. Alderson is the one who should have gone first.


  3. The manager is not the problem. The lack of talented baseball players, outside of a handful of guys, is the problem.
    If I read one more thing on the internet about how Collins should be fired, and Wally hired, I’m going to lose my mind. A change in manager is not going to get untalented players to suddenly play well. Too many years of drafting relief pitchers and losing first round picks as compensation for signing Type A free agents has caused a lack of position player depth in the minors (Thanks Omar!). Plus, even when they did draft position players, they were not very good (see Havens, Reese; Davis, Ike, etc).
    For every Harvey that Minaya drafted, there is a Reese Havens. Or a bad international free agent signing (see Martinez, Fernando; Pena, Francisco).
    Now, Sandy hasn’t done enough to sign talented ML players, but at least the lower levels of the minors are being restocked. Sadly, many of these are former HS guys, so they need another year or 2 before they are ready.

    • Hopefully Satin plays well here. The other two will not help the team much and this team is just bad. Ike should have been sent down a month ago. I have no idea why they were batting him 4th

      • And you think Satin will be a help over the others??? God, give me the name of your drug dealer! Satin is a career .192 hitter with a grand total of 2 career rbi’s. I don’t think this guy has suddenly turned things around and turned into another Joey Votto or another Keith Hernandez. What he will be is what he always was — not major league talent. ( come to think of it, he might fit in very well with this Mets team). If this is the best Sandy can do to help this pathetic team then it’s time he packed it in as well. He inherited a mess granted but to be honest they are worse today than when he got here. Many factors go into that of course including the two clowns running this franchise (or should I say ruining this franchise) and their greed in believing Bernie Madoff. If this trash brand of baseball continues much longer you can book soccer games at Citi everyday next year and we’ll all have healthier hearts for it.