After Sleeping On It: Mets Should Deal Shaun Marcum

Conventional wisdom has either Jeremy Hefner or Dillon Gee losing their rotation spot when Zack Wheeler is promoted.

Why just them?

MARCUM: Time to trade him. (AP)

MARCUM: Time to trade him. (AP)

After sleeping on it, considering Hefner’s strong start in Washington last night, my choice would be to deal Shaun Marcum.

Marcum has gone six-plus innings in his last four starts to show signs he’s coming around physically. Of the three, Marcum has been the least effective, but his name isn’t mentioned because he’s making $4 million.

Marcum threw a strong six innings against the Marlins until he unraveled in the seventh. But, if you’re a contender trying to fill out the back end of your rotation, you’d be happy with six innings.

Realistically, the Mets might have to delay this decision until they get a read on Jon Niese’s sore shoulder. Niese will throw today, but if he’s not ready he could miss another start or go on the disabled list.

However, should Niese be fine, I’m still for dealing Marcum, and economics are part of the reason as his salary would be palatable to a team looking to add. On a side note, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read where the Mets might be buyers in July. Have they not been watching this team?

Terry Collins said it best when he told reporters in Washington about Wheeler: “He’s not going to be the savior. There are a lot of pieces that have to work. One guy is not going to turn this around, of course. It takes 25.’’

Yes, it does. We could go on for hours discussing the Mets’ weaknesses and needs, but for the sake of this argument, let’s keep it to the rotation.

Matt Harvey and Niese, assuming the latter is healthy, are safe. The way Hefner and Gee are pitching, they could attract interest, but have manageable salaries, something the Mets covet. If either are dealt, that opens another hole.

Marcum, meanwhile, is gone after this season. If Wheeler proves he’s ready, there would be no reason to entertain bringing Marcum back, so strike when the iron is at least lukewarm to see what they can get.

Hefner and Gee are worth keeping.

Hefner was brilliant Tuesday night in another hard-luck no-decision, one of four he’s had while throwing a quality start. He had another in a loss. Overall, he’s given the Mets at least six innings in seven of his last eight starts.

The Mets would be ecstatic to get that from Wheeler.

Gee hasn’t been as sharp, but is coming off his best start of the season last week against the Yankees when he gave up one run in seven innings. Overall, the Mets have won four of his last six starts, so he must be doing something right. Gee worked six innings or better in 13 of 17 starts last season, so there’s a track record of productivity.

Keep Hefner and Gee, who might be valuable in the future and deal Marcum, who’ll be a one-year Met at best.

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2 thoughts on “After Sleeping On It: Mets Should Deal Shaun Marcum

  1. I agree the Mets should trade Marcum.

    However the market probably won’t hear up for a few weeks.

    I read about the Mets being buyers and agree with it. I also read that Sandy may or may not be here after next year.

    The Mets should buy because the team is terrible. We do not have the talent to make it better in the minors. To wit how do we get a good OF? Duda may or may not become a power hitter who is not unwatchable in the OF. Puello was just mentioned again with the Biogenesis probe and he has cooled off anyway. The guy we drafted recently is in low A ball and there are a few others that may help but we do not have a lot of talented OF guys in the minors. We need to go outside the system for that. In order to build a team there is no reason not to buy this year so we have a piece to the puzzle now. We have a few pitchers ( including Wheeler ) in AAA and a few in A ball that are good. We drafted that ss recently and we have 2 catchers with promise ( one in A ball and the other on the injured list in AAA ).

    So sure. Sell Marcum for a AA player and go after a young stud OF and trade some of our young arms to get him.

    • I also read the front office was embarrassed in being swept by the fish.

      I am glad they got embarrassed.