David Wright Acknowledges Futility Of Mets’ Offense; Everybody Looks Like Jason Bay

Matt Harvey is pitching this afternoon against the Miami Marlins, so for one day at least the Mets will resemble a major league team – at least on the mound.

The offense? Well, that’s another story. Actually, it’s a familiar one. It seems like most of the Mets’ hitters are looking like Jason Bay.

BAY: Almost everybody resembles Jason Bay these days.

BAY: Almost everybody resembles Jason Bay these days.

Just five hits and only three runners reached scoring position. Nine more strikeouts and five of their starters with batting averages less than .240. A sixth, Omar Quintanilla, has been here three days. The Mets’ offense has all the bite of a spring training travel squad.

Personally, I’m beyond talking about Ike Davis’ feeble numbers. It’s obvious the Mets don’t care enough about their attack to get him right in the minor leagues.

As he usually does, David Wright said it best, neatly and compactly, the way his swing used to be several weeks ago.

“This is what we have to work with, so we are going to have to figure it out,’’ Wright said after Saturday’s blowout loss. “There is no magic potion, there’s no offensive savior that is going to come and get us out of this thing. It’s up to us to work our way out of it.’’

Translation: The Mets aren’t getting any help, and whatever glimpse of optimism was gained in beating the Yankees four straight is no enough to prompt management from adding on. The illusion of the Mets adding at the trade deadline is merely that, and it probably doesn’t bode well for next winter, either.

Wright’s analysis included a discouraging self-scouting report. In previous slumps, Wright would get outside himself and attempt to do too much. That would be not being patient and abandoning the principle of using the whole field. In other words, he would revert into the same bad habits that have paralyzed Davis this season.

“It’s up to me,’’ Wright said, revealing another bad habit of trying to do it himself. “I got to go up there and start being better and maybe taking some walks. I am swinging at some pitches I normally wouldn’t swing at and getting myself out a little bit.

“I keep preaching that the offense is kind of run on getting on base and taking your walks and I am not doing that right now.’’

That’s the offense Dave Hudgens hoped to teach this spring, but that approach was criticized because he didn’t have the hitters capable of recognizing and turning on their pitch.

So, once again it wil be up to Harvey to limit the opposition to nothing so his hitters can squeeze out a run or two.

7 thoughts on “David Wright Acknowledges Futility Of Mets’ Offense; Everybody Looks Like Jason Bay

  1. Don’t insult Jason Bay.

    He is hitting 240 has 8 hr and 15 RBI

    What are the numbers for our OF? Are any of them better than he is?

    I agree on Ike

  2. Why would anyone in their right mind pay good money to see this team play???? Just when you think they might be getting something together they go to Miami and disgrace themselves! They are a pitiful team that should be ashamed that they lost an entire weekend series against Miami, the only team worse than they are!

      • That’s the whole problem with this team. They don’t have any killer instinct and think that because they swept the Yankees things will just fall into place for them. WRONG! Good teams beat up on teams like the Marlins. Good teams don’t play 14-41 teams and let them both dominate them and embarrass them. Good teams have fight in them and get angry when they see themselves being pushed around by a squad of Triple-A players at best. This is when the team needs strong leadership in the dugout. Terry Collins is a nice guy, a good guy, but does he have the qualities needed to get the most out of this pathetic bunch of wanna-be’s.

        • In the past several years the Marlins have caused problems regardless of whether they are good or not

          • I understand and know that fact very well. Nonetheless, someone has to take responsibility for the disgusting display of ball playing we are seeing this year. And it’s high time we stop coming up with excuses for them John!