Apocalypse Now? Mets Down, Ticket Sales Down, SNY Viewership Down

Last season, with an Ike Davis that was as woeful as he is now, the New York Mets were still eight games above .500 on June 8. Here it is, three weeks into May, and the Mets are already ten games below .500.

That 2012 team lost 88 games, how many will this year’s version lose? Shockingly, this team, now in the third year of the Sandy Alderson era, is on pace to lose 101 games.

I used ESPN’s Attendance Tracker and the team is bleeding not only money – but fans…

Average Attendance

2010 – 32,401

2011 – 30,108

2012 – 28,035

2013 – 25,895

The Mets are down an average of 6,905 fans per game since the 2010 season. That equates to over a half-million fans that are unwilling to buy tickets to see the current product on the field.

Remember how hot Subway Series tickets used to be?

In a recent article by Mark LaMonica of Newsday, he reported that the Mets are so bad and unwatchable, even Subway Series ticket sales, which at one time were sold-out in hours – are very available and selling for less than the exorbitant prices they used to go for.

The combined average price for the four-game Subway Series (May 27-30) this year is $133 as of Monday, according to TiqIQ.com, a ticket reseller that aggregates ticket prices across multiple secondary markets. That’s down 13 percent from 2012, 19 percent from 2011 and 34 percent from 2010.

Don’t think it’s the on-field performance alone. This team suffers from a severe lack of star power, and I would hate to think how much worse things would be if not for a holdover by the name of Matt Harvey. He alone is hauling in over 5,000 more fans per game than when anyone else starts.

Think those fans who opted out of buying tickets are staying home and watching instead?

Think again…

According to this Daily News article, the SNY viewership numbers are even worse and almost double the percentage of decline in attendance from last season.

The Mets on SNY are averaging a household rating of 1.91, down 22% from the same point in 2012. Among men 25-54, the key demographic, the Mets are averaging a 1.05 rating, down 15% from 2012.

Things have gotten so bad that most games are now a two-man booth. It’s no longer Gary, Keith and Ron and more like Gary, Keith or Ron.

Every minute of each telecast is a non-stop barrage of Cholula Hot Sauce and MetsBlog promos. Even the score bug has drop down ads every half inning.

It’s not just the team on the field that is sinking (and stinking)  – it’s everything on down including ticket sales and worst of all, SNY viewership.

Everything is being sponsored by someone whether it’s the game broadcast and even the posts on MetsBlog themselves. The Wilpons are trying to squeeze every penny they can and in anyway they can to stay above water. The SNY broadcast and editorial content on their blog network are both working in step with ownership on everything.

I think most Met fans are just sick of everything being done on the cheap – so they don’t pay to watch the team play, and many more don’t even bother to tune in and watch either. Except when Matt Harvey is pitching.

I don’t know how much longer they can stay in this, ummm, whatever you want to call this mode… But I do know this… It’s starting to feel a lot like 1978 around here.

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4 thoughts on “Apocalypse Now? Mets Down, Ticket Sales Down, SNY Viewership Down

  1. Problem is the Wilponzi’s cannot sell. Not without reaching into their pocket for just over $200 million. Because that is how much they would still owe if they sold the METS and SNY at their value estimate. And those estimates were prior to this dismal season. That is why they will ride it out and hope the team gets better or if it does not do not be surprised if they file for bankruptcy to force creditors to accept less than what is owed.

  2. Will attendance ultimately drop to 800,000 like it was in the late 1970s and weekday games could only be heard on a low powered public AM station? Of course back then we welcomed the news that Wilpon and Doubleday had bought the team from Lorinda deRoulet

  3. Why don’t we watch games?

    The starting rotation has a 5.0 era. Think about that. 5 runs. It used to be a pitcher with 5 runs was a pitcher who was cut or in the minors. This is out major league rotation.

    Most of our hitters have a 222 avg or less. Again. Think about that. This is the team that Freddy buys. The team is broke and they have slashed payroll. They can’t afford to pay a few million for an average player. When they do open their wallet they do it for a pitcher coming off injury (again), who comes to camp unprepared to play ( but with excuses) who goes on the disabled list and then spends time in Florida teaching his arm to pitch again.

    I said it in spring training when I saw the team they signed. The team is never as good as you think it is and I thought it was pretty bad.

    I look forward to the dog days of summer when the team goes into a slump because they are tired and need a break from the grind of the season.