Time For Collins To Stop Making Excuses For Ike Davis

Ike sad

Ike Davis has lost his way. Not just at the plate, but in the field too. Terry Collins said after the game today, that the first baseman’s slump at the plate has not affected his play on the field. I beg to differ.

Maybe Terry feels a desperate need to defend his players, but to say that his last few miscues on the field are unrelated to what Davis is going through at the plate doesn’t ring true.

We’ve all seen Ike Davis at his best and have all marveled as fans over his gold glove caliber defense. But that was then and this is now. His instincts at first base are deteriorating and I believe it’s because he has something else eating at his mind. Davis is so unfocused and frequently looks like he’s in a daze.

During the 2010 through 2012 seasons, Ike Davis makes that play today down the first base line rather than just staring at it. The same can be said about his faux pas two days earlier when he stood in front of the runner on the basepath like a zombie and got called for obstruction.

Why can’t Terry Collins see what is so apparent to the few thousand fans who still go to the game? There’s a good reason why Davis is absorbing all the boos at the plate and now in the field. This isn’t the same player we grew to love almost from the first moment he made his debut three years ago. Remember how excited we were? Who didn’t think Ike Davis was a core player right from the start?

We want that Ike Davis back again. The only way that happens is by doing the right thing and sending him to Triple-A where he can sort out his problems and rediscover his stroke, his glove, and more importantly his confidence that is evidently shattered.

I’m not mad at Davis, I’m really not. But I am angry at Terry Collins who constantly makes excuses for bad baseball. There seems to be no more accountability on this team, only a boatload of excuses after each game. I guess that’s what I’m most concerned about. I want a manager who gets pissed off when he sees a breakdown in baseball fundamentals and not cover for his players.

Maybe Ike Davis’ biggest problem is Terry Collins who seems to have become his enabler… I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist, but it sure looks that way…

Davis is a very likable guy and I still believe he has a world of talent. But it’s time for the Mets to save him… It’s time for the Mets to try and get Davis back on track and that’s not going to happen in the major leagues. Just do the right for crying out loud…

5 thoughts on “Time For Collins To Stop Making Excuses For Ike Davis

  1. Collins is the biggest problem (other than ownership) to the teams downfalls right now. He is way to lax in his managing and has no consistency in lineups. I would find it hard to believe that he can’t see how terrible Ike is right now. And once more, Why isn’t Turner an EVERYDAY player yet? He’s capable of being a star hitter as far as I can tell, and Ike just isn’t giving us what we need. Pitchers have better batting average than Ike Davis…. I couldn’t agree with this post more, its 100% accurate and ownership won’t step up and do whats right here. I miss Bobby V. and Steve Phillips running the show here, they CARED about wins and losses. They did whatever it took to ensure we were on the upper edge on a daily basis. WHY can’t we have that back?

    • I live it. The turue culprit in this saga is the guy who picks the players. But hey, don’t blame the GM. He comes from heaven or MLB HQ to give the Met fans the crappyplayers on the field. so blame Collins, just like the small minded blamed Manuel and Willie and Howe and blah blah blah, so you can ignore the true problems. The organiztion. Whose that?? Gee I guess Collins is the guy who owns the team and picks the rotten GM and all his rotten assistant GMS and puts all thise minor leaguers on the field. Blame everyone but the culprit. And since you don’t watch baseball vut study all the stats with Alderson, Turner doesn’t start everyday because he’s not good enough to do that. But don’t watch. Just help Alderson with phony diversions.

  2. I can’t believe the player Ike has become.

    I can’t believe he is hitting in front of Buck and Ruben

    Terry is supposed to be a fiery , no nonsense coach. Where is he?

  3. I agree that Terry Collins has got to stop making excuses for these guys. Time after time in post-game interviews with reporters he never once has had the guts to say what is so obvious to even the most casual observer. Once in awhile it might be nice to see that someone is actually leading this team instead of making excuses for them. Take for example Ike Davis’ defensive play in Wed. Afternoon’s Reds game. What a disgraceful performance he displayed. But yet we hear nothing critical. Perhaps some might say Collins should never do so publicly but there are ways to show disappointment with a players effort to the press without ripping him apart. For awhile watching this particular game I had flashbacks to 1963, 64 etc. Sandy, thanks for making this team and season such a waist of time.