Sandy Alderson Doing Mets Disservice With Ike Davis Decision



Perhaps Sandy Alderson knew of Andrew Brown’s strained oblique when he said there was nothing imminent about sending Ike Davis to the minor leagues. Assuming he did not, it is puzzling as to why he’s in no hurry to ship out his struggling first baseman.

Eventually, Alderson said, “everything comes to a head at some point,’’ but evidently it is not hitting .156 two months into the season. Either are Davis’ other miserable numbers.

Alderson said he’s interested not in results, but good at-bats. Sounds good in theory, but that won’t happen if Davis’ thinking doesn’t change, and there’s no indication of it happening soon.

About the minor leagues, Davis said that would not help because he needs to learn to hit at this level. Davis insists he’s a home run hitter, that he likes to hit home runs and strikeouts are part of the equation.

I can’t scream “that’s crap,’’ loud enough. Davis is so married to his pull-everything approach that improvement is almost impossible to attain.

Davis’ extraordinary wide stance offers no alternatives but to lunge, and he doesn’t have the discipline to lay off breaking balls down and away and fastballs up in the zone. Davis’ mechanics and approach must be torn down and built back up. It could take a month for that to happen, and it shouldn’t be a month up here.

Incredibly, Davis said he’s having positive at-bats, that in Chicago he just missed driving a few balls. But, the fact is he missed those pitches so they can’t be considered good at-bats. It isn’t as if he’s hit a lot of balls on the screws or driven them to the warning track.

Davis was 1-for-24 on the trip to St. Louis and Chicago; is hitting .103 (4-for-39) with runners in scoring position; and is on pace for 177 strikeouts.

So, you tell me how his getting out of his funk.

When he first came up, Davis showed a willingness to go to the opposite field. There’s none of that now.

Davis said he’s still playing good defense, but he’s delusional there, too. He should have been given an error when he short-armed Ruben Tejada’s wild throw in the dirt in Chicago. The ball did not take a short hop and was something he should have snared.

He was also flat out lazy Monday night on a obstruction call that opened the door to a big inning for Cincinnati in the first inning.

Davis’ head isn’t screwed on straight and he’s fallen into a myriad of bad habits that preclude good at-bats. Davis anticipates getting a month to work out of his funk, but how much lower will the Mets sink in that time?

For the past three years, the Mets had to settle for lousy at-bats and performance from Jason Bay because of his salary. Currently, Alderson plans to have the Mets settling from horrid performance from Davis despite a manageable contract.

OK, Brown is out, but what about Zach Lutz? What about making a move and adding Josh Satin to the 40-man roster?

It doesn’t matter what they do, except for standing pat, and Alderson hasn’t given a good reason for choosing that route. That decision is doing a disservice to the Mets and not helping Davis any, either.

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6 thoughts on “Sandy Alderson Doing Mets Disservice With Ike Davis Decision

  1. Hallelujah…………I thought I was the only one seeing this. Davis needs to be reconstructed from the ground up. The stance, the excessive hand movement………and above all, a willingness to take an outside pitch to left………Carlos Delgado was ALSO a Home Run hitter………and if you pitched him outside all day long, he’d pepper the left field fence all day long………The ability to hit to left spreads the defense……..keeps em honest ….and makes the opposing pitcher change his strategy of how to pitch to you……………Someone needs to drill this into young Davis’s head

  2. And after he’s sends Davis down, send Collins and his every changing line-up to the unemployment line!!!!

    • Have you seen the team?

      Yes. Changing lineups is not good. But with the exception of Dan and David everyone is hitting 220 or below. You make a team that can win with that. I think TC is desperate. He is changing the lineup because he is hoping he can create a miracle which of course he can’t.

    • I think Terry Collins is doing as good a job as can be expected. This team is pure crap. No hitters. No bullpen. One starting pitcher. What do you expect him to do, make Valdespin the clean-up hitter? There MUST be someone in their system who can hit better than Ike. The one who should be held accountable is Sandy Alderson. He has done a terrible job. Three seasons in a row he has stripped down the bullpen and rebuilt it. All three times with horrible results.

  3. So I heard some gibberish from the GM about Ike.

    He just needs to go down because his hitting is awful.

    On the bright side Matt is pitching tomorrow