Will We See Alderson With The Chains Off?

ALDERSON: Playing Scrooge.

We have seen Sandy Alderson wear several hats during his short tenure as Mets’ general manager. Some results have been good, while others have been lacking.

Alderson gets high marks for ridding the Mets of the stagnant culture they had with Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo. He gets kudos for unloading the contracts of Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez, and avoiding the payday of what would have been a big contract for R.A. Dickey.

For them, he received highly-rated prospects Zack Wheeler and Travis d’Arnaud, both of whom could be factors this season.

It’s also a plus that he negotiated the buyout of Jason Bay – which eliminated a hovering distraction – and for letting Jose Reyes leave. The latter decision was good, although the methods could have been cleaner and more public relations sensitive.

Bay became expendable because he did not hit, and it didn’t matter that the Mets didn’t have a major league player ready to take his place. It will be interesting to see what Alderson does this winter if Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada don’t produce this summer.

Alderson has not done will in piecing together the bullpen and outfield, nor has he succeeded in building depth in the rotation is the wake of Johan Santana’s injury, Dickey’s departure and letting Mike Pelfrey go while arms were needed.

We have seen Alderson operating in several roles, but we have not yet seen him as a buyer. The Mets are promising they will have the resources this winter to enter the free-agent market.

Wherever Alderson has been – Oakland and San Diego – he’s operated with restraints. And, it has been that way in his stay with the Mets.

If you’re willing to drink more of the Kool-Aid and believe the Mets will be active this winter, you won’t be alone wondering what Alderson might accomplish.

If the first two weeks are any indication, he has a lot of shopping to do:

The Mets are two-deep in their rotation with Matt Harvey and Jon Niese, both of whom are being relied on to produce more than their current track records. Alderson has not brought up Wheeler for both economic and performance reasons. There’s no guarantee what he will do when he arrives. The Mets easily need at least two starters.

The bullpen remains a serious question. Most bullpens in today’s game are a patchwork creation and the Mets are no different. There will be arms available, but the better ones are more expensive.

The current outfield is wearing a Band-Aid when a tourniquet is required. Am I the only one who envisions an entirely different outfield next spring?

If Davis and Tejada continue to underachieve, to what degree will Alderson be patient with them? Does he chase other players, while at the same timing limiting his options in other areas?

These are the dilemmas and questions faced by a buyer, not someone who operates on the cheap. Will be finally see Alderson as a buyer? The first test will be in late July.

4 thoughts on “Will We See Alderson With The Chains Off?

  1. jd; ur obsession with tejada is mindboggling…. on a good team, a ss batting.260 is fine…. these mets might be truly atrocious when niese and harvey arent on hill

    • Tejada is batting 250 where last year he hit 290. In this short season he has 6 errors so far – he did make a nice play yesterday.

      You can say John is being harsh that he is young and it is early. But facts are facts and these facts are not good.

  2. I think it depends on your time horizon.

    Yes. We have 2 reliable starters ( I think Gee will be fine ). What is your time horizon? Wheeler will be up this year. There are maybe 3 or 4 other good pitchers down below that will take a few years to get here. There are also several pitchers in AAA that can come up later this year to help out.

    Yes. If you want to win now you need at least 2 more pitchers. But we knew that in the offseason and the team did not do anything. Let us say the season is over and Wheeler does ok. Next year we will have 3 good pitchers ( Harvey may be one of the best in baseball ) and we will need to fill two holes. You can go out and get a #3/4 type pitcher and then some crap guy for the #5 pitcher.

    The problem is the pen. Will Parnel grow and grab the closer role? Will Edgin continue to grow? Can Familia learn control to be another piece?

    Then we have Ruben and Ike. If both are bad this year we need to get a ss from outside. For 1B you can move Duda there and then work on getting 3 OF.

    It is a tall order and tells you we will not compete next year. So the team will not be spending money any time soon.

  3. thank you captain obvious. this article is a waste of time. its an attempt to work kool aid and i dont like tejada into an otherwise obvious article. rather than make us read the article in its entirety, why not just comment on somebody else’s article that you dont like tejada and you arent sure about davis either. I thought i was going to be reading an article with information as to whether alderson would be back next season. tell us one more time how we are currently in need of a few starting pitchers. theres alot of met fans out there who did not know that.