Wright Expresses No Regrets; Doesn’t Mean He’s Right In WBC Flap

David Wright is correct, his rib injury could have happened anytime. It could have happened carrying groceries from the car.

That isn’t the issue.

WRIGHT: Call it E-5

WRIGHT: Call it E-5

The issues are Wright was injured while at the World Baseball Classic – whatever he was doing at the time, it was away from the Mets – and did not report his injury in a timely fashion.

Also an issue is Wright has a strained left intercostal muscle and faces the strong possibility of being on the disabled list to start the season. What should be an issue if you’re the Mets is Wright gave no sign of regret about the WBC, and the perception of minimizing the injury.

“You can get hurt in spring training,’’ Wright told reporters prior to today’s 2-1 loss to Atlanta. “You can get hurt before spring training. Playing baseball, there’s some risk that comes along with that. … It has nothing to do with the tournament itself. It has everything to do with some bad luck.’’

Sure, it is bad luck, but that’s not Mets fans want to hear. They want to know if their All-Star third baseman, who was just signed to a $138 million package, will be able to play Opening Day. The WBC is a hard enough sell as it is in the United States, and Wright was injured participating in the international tournament. Mets fans don’t care about promoting baseball around the globe.

There is also the perception Wright placed his personal desire to represent his country – as admirable as that is – over his obligation to the Mets.

“Of course I owe it to the Mets to be honest with them, and I was,’’ Wright insists. “Ultimately when I started going in and getting treatment for it, the Mets saw that and they called me. I was honest with how I was feeling.

“Once it got to the point where I started not being able to sleep, or when it was painful to lounge around, that’s when obviously I started going to get treatment and talking to [trainer] Ray [Ramirez] and [general manager] Sandy [Alderson] and those guys.’’

Wright said those conversations took place Wednesday, which contradicts Alderson’s assertion the Mets didn’t become aware until shortly before game time Thursday. That doesn’t help the Mets’ image. The Mets have been known for their sloppy handling of injuries, ranging from Ryan Church’s concussion to Carlos Beltran’s knee to Johan Santana’s shoulder this spring.

That won’t go away, especially if Wright isn’t ready for the season, as appears the case. Wright can’t commit to Opening Day, saying he needs to be cautious and not risk further injury and be out even longer. So, where was the caution when Wright felt pain for a week before reporting it to WBC trainers?

“Once it got to the point where I thought it might obviously prohibit me from coming back and producing with the Mets, that’s when it was time to make that decision,’’ Wright said. “I feel like I have a pretty good sense of what’s tolerable and what’s not tolerable.’’

Well, how about when Wright played a month with pain in his lower back which was later diagnosed as a stress fracture? And, last spring he had the same injury and was out a month. Nobody ever questioned Wright not being a gamer, but that isn’t the issue.

Wright’s desire to represent his country and honor his commitment is admirable. However, it is his judgment here that is in question. His first obligation is to the Mets.

8 thoughts on “Wright Expresses No Regrets; Doesn’t Mean He’s Right In WBC Flap

  1. I think what he has done in the past – like playing with the fractured back and other things is precisely why the Mets aren’t overly angry about this. They know what’s he’s like and they probably aren’t surprised he did this. I don’t think it’s fair to question his feeling of obligation to the Mets. It wasn’t a smart decision for him to ignore the injury, but it seems he really believed it would go away and wouldn’t be something that would have any effect on his Mets season. I think his motives are good…he’s just not the best at judging when he shouldn’t play

  2. As a Met fan I do not care about the WBC.

    What I do care about is that
    1) David did not say anything when he got hurt
    2) He will be out at least a month
    3) He doesn’t seem to care that he is hurting his team that he may be named captain of

    I think the Mets should do the following
    1) Fine him for not coming clean.
    2) He should not be named Captain.

    The thing that bothers me most as a fan is his attitude of having no regrets. He should regret that he got hurt and showed the bad judgement in Spring to ‘play through it’ at an exhibition event having nothing to do with the team. He should regret that he will start the season on the DL forcing the team to make roster moves to cover for his lapse in judgement and injury. He should regret this event being one piece in the puzzle on the way to a 100 loss season.

    These are not the actions of a leader of the team. Or they should not be.

    I applaud that he is tough and wants to play through things. When he broke his back he should have shut it down. He sucked during that period and had many questioning what was wrong with him. You should not be tough during the spring when it can cost your team wins when it counts. The WBC does not count and never will. It is an exhibition for the players to have bragging rights when it is over.

    • He doesn’t have regrets about participating in the WBC b/c he doesn’t think it caused the injury. He’s bummed about being hurt…he just isn’t blaming the WBC for it and says (rightfully so as we’ve seen with Murph and others) that injuries can happen in ST too

      • Yes. I agree that it can happen anywhere, but the decision making about not telling anyone he has a problem for a week? I am glad he got all the press about possible MVP award for the American team and being called Mr. America. That was great. It is also irrelevant. He needs to be playing in Queens come April and he won’t.

        • Players are told to play through discomfort. As Wright said…if he had to run and tell someone everytime he felt a little sore, he wouldn’t play very many games. I think he underestimated the injury, but I don’t think it was him disregarding his importance to the Mets.

          • Yes. I agree. As I say he plays through injuries. But that is during the season and for the team you play for.

            I will repeat. The WBC is an exhibition tournament that has nothing to do with the wins and losses of your team. He waited a week to tell anyone therefore a week went by without anyone but him dealing with the issue.

            I think at the very least he should show regret for the consequences of what played out. I am sure he is sincere and he is competitive. But as I lay out above there are consequences to his actions that he should be regretful of.

            Perhaps he is sorry in private for what has happened. Perhaps he is not willing to publicly show this because it would be ‘weak’

  3. Nope. Not that the two situations are necessarily comparable – one guy played hurt the other didn’t throw enough in the offseason – but I said a similar thing about Johan. I don’t think it was the case of him saying “I don’t give a crap about the Mets”…I think he just thought he could take a break and be fine to resume throwing in ST without any issues. He just misjudged the situation….similar to how Wright misjudged his injury.

    I don’t see why anyone who doesn’t want to kill Wright always gets accused of being racist.