Johan Santana Celebrates Birthday By Talking

Twinkies could make a triumphant return this summer, but will Johan Santana? Hostess is selling the Twinkies brand, but the Mets can’t unload Santana so their best option is to hope he mends, then hope for the best.

SANTANA: Speaks on B-Day.

SANTANA: Speaks on B-Day.

Terry Collins already named Jonathan Niese the Opening Day starter if Santana can’t go, but isn’t ready to tell the veteran left-hander he’s not going to make it north with everybody else in April.

Santana, who celebrated his 34th birthday with a cake at the Mets complex in Port St. Lucie before the team went off to play the Washington Nationals, hasn’t been on the mound since he forced the issue seven days ago.

Santana said he’s not ready to set a date when he’ll return, and acknowledged rehabbing after each of his four seasons with the Mets has taken a toll. Last winter, he took it easy and was not happy when the Mets said he wasn’t in good shape. He also admitted age makes it difficult.

“I want to make sure that whenever that day is, I’m ready to go and good to go for the whole year and not just good for one game,’’ Santana told this morning. “Then two weeks later they have to shut me down. I don’t want that. I want to make sure that whenever I’m on the mound, I’m on the mound for good.

“As you get older, you have to work more. There’s no question about it. But you have to know yourself very well. That’s what I do. I’m listening to my body the whole time. When you need time, you take time to make sure you move forward. You don’t want a step back.’’

Santana said he’s spoken with GM Sandy Alderson in attempt to smooth things over with the organization that will not extend him beyond this summer.

Santana said he rested in the off-season at the Mets’ request so he didn’t follow his normal winter routine. Then he became miffed and rightfully so, when his condition was questioned. The Mets said they monitored Santana during the winter, and then came across as surprised when he reported. That’s when he forced the issue by throwing off the mound without telling Collins.

The Mets made it clear Niese will get the Opening Day ball despite the temptation of Matt Harvey, who was rocked by the Nationals’ Bryce Harper for a three-run homer in the first in an 8-5 loss.

Harvey settled down and didn’t give up another run in four innings and registered six strikeouts.

2 thoughts on “Johan Santana Celebrates Birthday By Talking

  1. Happy Birthday Johan
    This whole episode smacks of the old regime. Unfortunately we cannot fire the owner.

  2. Thanks for your comment dave. Too bad none of the press dudes has the guts to knock the Met front office or ownership. They only knock the players, and what a surprise, only the players with dark skin and accents….. Santana, Valdespin, Beltran, reyes, but no matter how bad Bay was, he always had a great atttiude. Funny how that works isn’t it.