Keith Hernandez Knows A Lot Of Stuff, Including Baseball

There are few television analysts as knowledgeable and entertaining as Keith Hernandez, who, if you asked him the time would tell you how to build a watch.

HERNANDEZ: Don't forget to tip your waitresses.

HERNANDEZ: Don’t forget to tip your waitresses.

Not only does he know baseball, but today showed he could work on Animal Planet, The Weather Channel and do QVC, which ironically has its corporate headquarters across the street from Tradition Field.

When the Mets are in Washington, always expect a history lesson.

After the starting pitcher leaves the game during spring training, writers wander in and out of the pressroom and clubhouse, where the televisions are always on.

Today, Hernandez was in mid-season form, talking about the spinner sharks gathering off the beaches on the Atlantic post; how to survive a tornado; and hawked Icky Poo, a product designed to eliminate pet odors.

When somebody in the pressroom asked: “What is Icky Poo?”

As if on que, one writer said: `He’s coming into pitch.”

3 thoughts on “Keith Hernandez Knows A Lot Of Stuff, Including Baseball

  1. In looking at the standings the Mets only need to loses 12 more games to get to 100.

    Not that I want that to happen, but with losing the Cy Young and gaining Harvey and potentially losing Johan will that be enough to lose 12 more?

    The thought is losing 2 quality pitchers means you have to replace them. If the replacements only go 5 that puts pressure on the pen..