Ike Davis Won’t Be On WBC Team

Ike Davis was on the WBC reserve list but wasn’t asked when Mark Teixeira was injured.

Teammate David Wright was keeping him posted.

DAVIS: Won't be on WBC team.

DAVIS: Won’t be on WBC team.

“I got a text from David,” Davis said. “He said (WBC manager) Joe Torre asked about me. I’m glad they thought of me.”

When asked if Wright put in a good word for him, Davis said: “He said he did … but I didn’t make the team.”

Davis said he would be intrigued to play in the World Baseball Classic.

“I’d get some at-bats, but not as many (if he had a regular spring training,” Davis said. “The games would be more intense. That would be a good way to jump start the season.”

Paul Konerko or Ryan Howard are also on the reserve list.

3 thoughts on “Ike Davis Won’t Be On WBC Team

  1. I read Mejia has a thyroid problem. Not good. Those things can have a large effect.

    Yesterday I read that the doctor from Canada was linked to Beltran and Jose. I don’t think there is more info as he settled with the feds and so MLB cannot have access to records. But here we go another two players you would not think are related to PED’s and yes it is a rumor, but can anyone really be surprised?

    Drug tests are a wonderful thing. Especially if it is a blood test. Then you can test 5 years later and catch them. Armstrong was caught that way.