Questions About Marcum, Santana And Nieuwenhuis

The Mets are off tomorrow, but have a “B’’ game in Jupiter in which Shaun Marcum, Pedro Feliciano and LaTroy Hawkins will pitch.

The projected fifth starter, Marcum, raised concerns when he didn’t report in shape. Here is a guy trying to hang onto a major league job and he doesn’t come to camp ready to pitch and says he only needs four exhibition appearances to get ready for the season.

MARCUM: Pitches tomorrow.

MARCUM: Pitches tomorrow.

Guys like that are hard to cheer for and you only hope he’s right about the four games. Somehow, I doubt it.

Hawkins, 40, is competing for a bullpen spot, and as a veteran supposedly requires only a minimum amount of innings.

Feliciano, once a Mets’ workhorse out of the pen, was sidelined with a heart ailment and is required to wear a monitor.

Considering all three could make the staff, that’s not a good sign for the Mets’ pitching.

SANTANA QUESTIONS: Other than Johan Santana being angry at reporters having the nerve to ask him about his condition, there’s been no timetable in the wake of his throwing off the mound Sunday.

I still don’t understand how the Mets can say they monitored Santana in the off-season, yet be surprised he didn’t come to camp in shape.

I also don’t understand why Santana, who knows the Mets won’t extend him beyond this season, didn’t report ready considering he would be pitching for a new contract.

Perhaps, with $31 million due him from the Mets this year, he’s already thought about cashing in his chips and calling it a career.

Just wondering. Also wondering why Santana wanted to pitch in the World Baseball Classic for Venezuela  when he’s not even ready to pitch in an exhibition game for the Mets.

NIEUWENHUIS UPDATE: Outfield candidate Kirk Nieuwenhuis underwent a MRI today on his bruised left knee. Nieuwenhuis was injured sliding into second base yesterday.

Nieuwenhuis told ESPN he’s able to put weight on his leg, but that’s not the sole criteria in evaluating the injury.

He’ll have to test it by running and changing direction, as if running the bases.

Nieuwenhuis, once the favorite to start in center and bat leadoff has had a miserable spring at the plate and has fallen behind Collin Cowgill possibly Jordany Valdespin.

MORE WBC NONSENSE: It’s one thing when a player leaves a team to participate in the World Baseball Classic, but a coach?

Bullpen coach Ricky Bones left the Mets to be Puerto Rico’s pitching coach.

Here is a team, the Mets, whose biggest concern is arguably its bullpen, and with a handful of new faces, I would have hoped Bones’ priority would have been with the Mets.

I realize this is about marketing the sport globally, but I am waiting for a team with enough guts to call out Major League Baseball and say: “Enough, our priority is getting ourselves ready to play and not to sell T-Shirts abroad.’’

WHEELER UPDATE: Zack Wheeler, out with a strained oblique is tentatively scheduled to throw on the mound Wednesday or Thursday, and possibly get in a game in seven days.

For those scoring at home, it is now three starts and counting Wheeler will have missed.


One thought on “Questions About Marcum, Santana And Nieuwenhuis

  1. Really? A coach left the team? has this happened before?

    This team is a mess. They have no pen and the coach leaves? wow.

    Something is fishy about the way they went after Johan. Just another in a line of stupid things the team does.