Beltran Sings Wheeler’s Praises

Carlos Beltran left the Mets for San Francisco two summers ago with the hope of playing in the World Series.

Beltran did his part, batting .323 with seven homers in 44 games with the Giants, but it wasn’t to be. Even so, Beltran believes the Mets got the better end of the deal that sent pitching prospect Zack Wheeler to New York.

“It worked out better for them,’’ Beltran recently said. “I thought we were going to go to the playoffs and it didn’t happen. But it is what it is. I took the chance of going to the team that was fighting for a playoff spot and it didn’t work out for me. But it worked out for the Mets.’’

While Beltran has a few more years left to his career, the ceiling seems unlimited for Wheeler, currently sidelined with a strained oblique muscle.

“All I’ve heard is he’s a good prospect,” Beltran said. “He has good stuff. I mean, he’s a young guy. I think they’ve got the people here to mold him to be the pitcher he can be for the organization – the ace that they’re looking for.’’

Beltran was impressed with the Stephen Strasburg comparisons Wheeler is getting, but that’s premature, as is the proclamation the Mets won the trade. It is even too soon to create a plaque for Strasburg in Cooperstown. As good as he appears, he has a lot to prove, like pitching a complete season.

Trades aren’t won or lost overnight. In this case, the Mets have the edge because Beltran left San Francisco. Even so, Wheeler has yet to pitch a game in the major leagues. He has his whole future ahead of him. There is the potential for injury and he could become the next Mike Pelfrey.

So far, the reviews have been favorable in terms of his stuff and poise. But, there is working the hitters and developing his secondary pitches.

There’s a lot of work to be done.

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2 thoughts on “Beltran Sings Wheeler’s Praises

  1. Can I just imagine Harvey/Wheeler at the top of the rotation?

    Why do you have to ruin it by bringing BigPelf up?

    So next year we can have

    Harvey/Wheeler/Niese/Gee and someone else. We have good young arms and unless they are traded we can have an awesome starting 5. Now if Parnell can locate the fastball and get at least one good breaking pitch we will have a closer too.

    • Maybe it’s a good thing it’s not me, but if it was me as owner, I would pay Wheeler and d’Arnaud a million dollar bonus each to add six months to their arbitration period and bring them up NOW. They may struggle, but I want them contributing and bringing in fans.
      Buck can teach d’Arnaud the ropes of the MLB (a 21st century Crash Davis) and Wheeler/Harvey can start the competition for the 2nd starter in 2014 (Niese will be #1 after going 18-10 this year, the losses will be due to the outfield.)
      This team, with one or two pieces on offense, can compete for the wild card. Hopefully, Duda, Wheeler, Buck, and d’Arnaud give the Mets a boost.
      Or am I just dreaming and all these injuries are a harbinger for 95 losses?