Wheeler Scratched From Start With Oblique Strain

It will not be the dream spring training for Zach Wheeler that he might have hoped. After all the Stephen Strasburg comparisons, Wheeler was scratched from today’s start against St. Louis with a mild strain of the oblique muscle.

Wheeler sustained the injury swinging a bat in pregame warm-ups. He said the injury was nothing serious and it felt a little stiff, but that is something we’ve heard numerous times from various Mets – notably Jose Reyes – over the years about this type of injury.

“I’d rather be out one start than two months and be behind the eight-ball when I do come back,’’ Wheeler told reporters. “Early in the spring you don’t want to risk anything. We have a month, or a month and a half, left.’’

Veteran Mets watchers will quickly say it will be more than one start, but he’s right, caution is the way to go on this injury. Muscle strains and muscle pulls always last longer than originally speculated; it’s a baseball variation of Murphy’s Law.

Wheeler, obtained for Carlos Beltran in 2011, is one of the Mets’ most highly regarded prospects. It is expected he’ll open the season in the minor leagues at Triple-A Las Vegas.

General manager Sandy Alderson said the Mets’ handling of Wheeler is: “Mostly precautionary at this point. He tried to throw and didn’t experience any problem, but he was sore to the touch, so we’re going to back him off.’’

On a positive note for Wheeler, he said it was “cool” that he got the chance to be introduced to Beltran this afternoon. Not as cool as striking him out, but exciting nonetheless.

NOTE: I’ll be back with more after the game.

6 thoughts on “Wheeler Scratched From Start With Oblique Strain

  1. So the Mets were so despondent about not having Wheeler on the mound they got killed.

    Bobby got three outs.

  2. Dave, I think it is just Wheeler and Murphy.
    Last spring was Wright and Hairston iirc.

    More fuel for those who want universal DH. With the amount of money team spend on pitchers, the risk associated with batting is not worth it.

    • I am old school. A baseball player is supposed to be an athlete.

      I remember some high profile pitcher last year got hurt doing some such thing. I forgot and there were those saying pitchers should just pitch.

      Taken to its logical conclusion baseball should become football. Have mass substitutions. Have an offense and a defense and replace players where ever and whenever.

      I think the game would suck and it would be a 5 hour game or perhaps become like cricket where I hear they have a game spanning 3 days.

      Baseball is not easy. If you get a strain because you swing a bat may I suggest stretching?