Mets And Amway; An Odd Couple

This is why they are the Mets. Their ownership group gets stung by a Ponzi scheme, loses millions of dollars and was on the verge, with an unfavorable court ruling, of possibly losing the franchise.

So, what does it do? It aligns itself with Amway, a direct seller who has been sued for being a pyramid scheme.

imgresAmway employs millions to sell home cleaning products and vitamins, but mostly to convince others to do the same. That’s where an Amway distributor makes its money.

This is as odd a choice as the Mets could have made for a business partner. Seriously, doesn’t anybody in the organization have a filter that could have caught this?

“Excuse me, Mr. Wilpon, but we should think twice about this,’’ somebody should have said.

So, on the side of Citi Field there is a sign promoting Amway, a corporation which settled a class action lawsuit for millions after being accused of operating a pyramid scheme.

Nobody saw the connection?

So now, The Amway Business Center is operational on the 126th Street side of Citi Field. If you’re Amway, couldn’t you have chosen a better location, one with traffic more than 81 times a year? How many hundreds of locations in Manhattan alone would have been more visible?

I guess they got a good break on the rent.

Other than the constant reminder of one of the darkest periods in club history, there’s more to dislike this arrangement.

Do you want your dwindling fan base exposed to potential salesmen recruiting them to sell diet pills? Do you want to make this like many streets and avenues in Manhattan with people handing out fliers for computers, strip joins and fur coats? What’s next, renting space on the sidewalks around Citi Field for vendors to sell knock-off watches and purses?

They would have been better off leasing space to the chop shops across the street.

Now, if only it would work that instead of finding five people to sell laundry detergent they bring in five new people to buy Mets tickets. Now, then they would be on to something.

NOTE:  I’ll be back later with more.

2 thoughts on “Mets And Amway; An Odd Couple

  1. yeah, saw this the other day.

    what it says is we are a baseball company funded by ponzi schemes.

    In fact they should rename the team

    The NY Ponzi’s

  2. Relax people….

    Amway has done an admirable job running the NBA Orlando Magic since its inception. I think David Stern knows more about legal matters than either of you.

    Second, CitiGroup went bankrupt because indeed it did engage in fraud in finance and real estate. Amway has doubled its revenues in the middle of a “recession”. I think that is a testament to the sound business Amway operates.

    Third, Maddoff os gone and bankrupt. Amway is flush with cash and growing.

    The reason Amway chose this location is STRATEGIC. Soon, Amway will buy out Wilpon or a large ownership stake. Amway will rename CitiFiel, Mets or Strawberry Stadium and that would be a PR coupe De Grace.

    After Amway turns the Mets, NY will be worshiping amway onership.