Mejia Makes First Start Today; Tejada Out

Jenrry Mejia gets the ball this afternoon against Miami. As of now, Mejia will be used as a starter, but there are those in the organization who believe he’s better suited for the bullpen.

MEJIA: Gets ball today.

MEJIA: Gets ball today.

Mejia prefers to start and has performed better in that role. Maybe it is because he has time to prepare for his assignment, maybe because he has more time to warm up, maybe it is an ego thing. Whatever it is, his 2.75 ERA as a starter compared to 5.48 ERA in relief, can’t be disputed.

Why can’t they make a decision with this guy?

The Mets screwed up with Mejia in 2010, when managing for his job, Jerry Manuel rushed an unproven Mejia to the Opening Day roster as a reliever because they didn’t have a quality bullpen. Manuel was clearly thinking in the short term rather than what was in the best interest of Mejia, and the Mets, in the long term.

Closer, set-up reliever, situational pitcher; the Mets bounced him around. Eventually they optioned him out and he started in the minors. Mejia was not prepared for the up-and-down work in the bullpen, and then stretching him out in midseason, he injured his arm and underwent surgery. He did not pitch with the Mets in 2011.

Once a highly touted prospect, and the subject of trade calls by other teams, Mejia’s value plummeted. The reasons were three-fold: 1) his performance; 2) the arm injury; and 3) if the Mets had no confidence in him, then why would another team?

Mejia was a prime example of rushing a pitcher, and looking at him should give the Mets pause if they even think about putting Zack Wheeler on the Opening Day roster. Reportedly, it will be Mejia or Jeremy Hefner, who will open the season in the major leagues if Johan Santana goes on the disabled list. Currently, the Mets are considering the foolish decision of trying to squeeze in a full spring training in a little over two weeks to prepare Santana for Opening Day.

That will be a decision that will boomerang on them in a bad way. Mejia is not the first pitcher the Mets rushed. They did the same with No. 1 pick Mike Pelfrey, who clearly wasn’t ready in terms of his demeanor, poise and control of his secondary pitches. They pushed Pelfrey because they were thin in the rotation. He struggled, was eventually injured and now is with Minnesota.

METS NOTEBOOK: Scott Atchison, Jeurys Familia, Cory Mazzoni, Hansel Robles and Carlos Torres are also scheduled to pitch. … Ruben Tejada did not play last night because of a strain in his right quadriceps and will not play today against the Marlins. Tejada sustained the same injury last season and missed six weeks. … Lucas Duda will work in the batting cage today to solve his mechanical flaws that lead to six strikeouts in seven at-bats.

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8 thoughts on “Mejia Makes First Start Today; Tejada Out

  1. Yes. Sybil may be the reason for why Mejia is not in the rotation today.

    Also if you remember although he was on the team they didn’t use him. So that was a waste.

    So the very early indications are Cowgill might be useful to us.

    • dave: Yes, Mejia spent a lot of time watching games from the bullpen because Manuel didn’t want to put him in games that were close. … Yes, the early returns are positive on Cowgill.-JD

      • Back to Mejia. Since Jerry didn’t trust him why push him to be in the bigs when he was not ready and not comfortable?

        That was a total gratuitous wrecking of what at the time was your number one prospect.

  2. Managing for his job. you mean like Collins is? I guess this Ivy League genius ain’t no smarter than poor Omar was . ain’t that a kick in all the Omar basher buttskies!!!!

    • The difference here is that Omar agreed with Jerry about putting Mejia on the major league roster, because Omar was fighting for his job as well.

      Do you really really think Alderson is worried about his job? Do you really think Alderson is going to allow a guy like Wheeler to break camp when his plan is to have him go to AAA? Considering what they did with Harvey last year, I would say no. Alderson in his career has not rushed guys. DePodesta and Riccardi feel the same way.

      • Yes. And so far I have not seen Sandy go over the top with any prospect and say how great he will be and how great he is now.

        Omar was all about selling how great someone in Savannah was and how he was going to save the franchise. Look at FMart.

        When he came up he could not run the bases, he could not field his position and like all rookies was schooled at the plate.