Mets’ Full-Squad Workouts Start Today; Collins’ Lame-Duck Status

The Mets will have their first full squad workout this morning, prior to which Terry Collins will address his teams. Like I posted last night, don’t expect rah-rah. And, don’t expect the manager to use his lame-duck status as a motivator. He doesn’t work that way.

It must be an odd feeling for Collins to enter the season as a lame duck manager. Ownership and upper management are looking ahead to 2014, when Johan Santana’s contract will be off the books.

Trouble for Collins is he’s thinking about this year because there’s no guarantee of anything beyond while everybody else is thinking of the future.

Collins knows the score, but to his credit he’s not saying anything about it. Fred Wilpon and Sandy Alderson said they are pleased with the job Collins is doing and I’m wondering when that will translate into an extension.

Collins pointed out former Dodgers manager Walter Alston worked on a one-year contract every season. Collins isn’t Alston, but he has the right idea: Do well and be rewarded.

I don’t see the Mets continuing their rebuilding without Collins, even if it means Wally Backman still has to wait.

Speaking of Santana, sometime today, the Mets will announce he will not pitch in the WBC, which is the best for all parties involved. The Mets don’t need for Santana to be injured, even if it means his innings clause of 215 innings won’t kick in.


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