I Don’t Get Jordany Valdespin

Maybe it is me, but I don’t think I will ever understand Jordany Valdespin. At one time I wanted him to get a chance and wonder why he wasn’t. Now, it is clear. The guy’s elevator doesn’t go to the top and he ranks low on the charm and responsibility meters.

When asked by reporters today in Port St. Lucie to explain why his Twitter account had a photo of himself wearing a Marlins cap, he lamely said it was taken by his cousin who put up the picture.

“Things happen,” Valdespin said. “My cousin put that picture over here. I don’t have any information about that. When I see that picture, everything happened, and I said, ‘What the —-?’ But I had a big problem with my family about that. So that’s not my fault.’’

Yes, it is his fault. On two counts. One, for wearing the Marlins’ cap in the first place in public, and two, for giving a relative access to your social media account. Evidently, the photo was online long enough for people to notice.

Be a man and assume responsibility. That’s what the Mets want to see from him, not weak excuses that can easily be shredded.

The Mets, despite his five pinch-hit homers, were irked by Valdespin’s attitude and occasional lack of hustle. They also weren’t thrilled by him getting suspended in winter ball.

Technically, Valdespin showed up on time, but if nearly everybody else on the team can come to camp early, why can’t he? That his winter league schedule ended a week or so before doesn’t wash. He said he had cramps, but wouldn’t the smart thing to do would be to show up in Florida where he could receive treatment?

It would be, if he were smart.

With the state of the Mets’ outfield, Valdespin, with a strong spring training could have made a case for himself. He has some tools, especially speed and occasional pop. It’s not as if Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Mike Baxter and Collin Cowgill are on a fast track to Cooperstown. It is safe to say that when a team finishes 14 games below .500, that pretty much most jobs are open the following spring.

Valdespin has an opportunity that so few are given to play in the major leagues and he’s sabotaging himself. As of now, Valdespin is ticketed to begin the season at Triple-A Las Vegas. When he’ll be with the Mets is anybody’s guess that is if they care enough.

Apparently he doesn’t.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Get Jordany Valdespin

  1. Gee, think the Yankees will send Youk away for saying he’ll be a Red Sox (or is it Red Sock) for life in his heart? And isn’t it amusing how so many will blast this kid like he committed murder or rape, oe robbery while these same people accepted with blind faith that the mature Fred Wilpon was too damn stupid to have any idea that he was making millions for decades from his friend’s ponzi scheme. It’s ok for Fred Wilpon to be Alfred E Newman but not Valdespin.

  2. I agree. A young player needs to prove himself for a spot.

    The marlins thing was stupid. Perhaps he wanted to go play with Jose? But he should man up and say it was a mistake and leave it at that.

    He has a chance if he just plays the way he is capable. Make the team hav to play you.