Jose Reyes Rips Marlins’ Owner Over Trade

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I read the ESPN story about Jose Reyes being angry with Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria for trading him to Toronto.

Mark Buehrle said the same thing after the trade months earlier.

REYES: Sees it from both sides now.

REYES: Sees it from both sides now.

“I was shocked, because Jeffrey Loria, he always told me he’s never going to trade me,’’ Reyes said. “He always called my agent and said, ‘Tell Jose to get a good place here to live.’ ’’

Reyes said he even met with Loria days before the trade and there was no mention of the trade.

Are you tearing up, yet?

Maybe everything Reyes said is true, but wasn’t there a time when he said he wanted to stay with the Mets and finish he career playing next to David Wright? There was also a time when Reyes said he would do what was best for him and the Mets would do what was best for them.

And, after signing a six-year, $106-million contract with the Marlins he never looked back on the Mets. It wasn’t a pleasant divorce for Reyes from the Mets, and also the fans here who greeted him with boos upon his initial return and mostly apathy later in the summer.

I didn’t like how the Mets and Reyes parted, and liked even less how he left Mets’ fans when he left in the first inning of the season finale to protect his batting crown.

However, Reyes let it be known there was no home-team discount and his leaving was business. Fair enough, as it was also business on the Mets’ part not to want to pay over $100 million to a shortstop with an injury history.

And, although I’m no big fan of Loria, it is his team and if he wants to tear it down and dump on the fans of South Florida that’s his issue and Marlins fans have the right to stay away. You see, the business relationship works both ways.

Reyes said he felt bad for the Marlins’ fan base because they had to suffer because of a business decision. Funny, I don’t recall him saying the same thing about the Mets’ fan base when he ditched them.

It is business, and what goes around comes around. If Reyes is so shocked, he should be mad at himself and his agent for not demanding a no-trade clause in his contract.

8 thoughts on “Jose Reyes Rips Marlins’ Owner Over Trade

  1. Honestly, I thought fans gave Reyes a raw deal. He made it clear he wanted to stay with the Mets but the Mets never offered him a contract (or a box of chocolates, for that matter.)

    To some extent I can sympathize with this (albeit with considerably less money involved). A few years ago, in the depth of the recession, I took a consulting gig with a firm that was supposed to be a temp-to-hire situation. However, when my contract was up, that firm had a hiring freeze (and just went through a layoff) so I couldn’t be hired full-time. I ended up getting another job that in fact paid more money but was with an employer I don’t really care for. I didn’t have any other options on the table so I had to take it to support my family. With that said, I’m basically waiting for the job market to pick up or an opening in that old company to come up before jumping ship.

    $106 million to play a kid’s game certainly makes things easier to handle. However, if you have to leave a job and co-workers you love when that employer can’t take you back for one you have to “settle for”, you can’t bear the full blame for that situation.

    • You make a good point

      The Mets never made an offer. Jose also did not seem to want to be here. It worked out for both. We got nothing for losing Jose, we had a replacement in Ruben. Jose got good money and a job on a team going for it. Now he is on a team going for it. I understand he probably is not comfortable, but he is paid good money and on a team built to win. Not a bad deal at all.

    • Anonymous: If Reyes truly wanted to stay with the Mets he could have, and it wouldn’t have been for chump change. Yes, you are correct in that the Mets also played this poorly and made no offer. However, the parameters of what they could have offered were known to Reyes’ agent even though there was no offer. Neither side is blameless and I have pointed that out. Reyes had every right to leave for the money, but it isn’t as if he hadn’t been paid by the Mets. The thing I didn’t like about his departure was leaving his last game as he did. It came off as if he couldn’t wait to leave.-JD

      • I agree with you on the last game of 2011. At the time my thought was Terry Collins should have left him in to take his position for the top of the 2nd inning and then remove him before the first hitter came to the plate. It would have allowed the fans to cheer him going off the field and would have been more palatable.

        A lot of people told me this was a crazy idea and then I read R.A. Dickey’s book and he said the same thing so I feel validated. :-)

  2. It is getting pretty for you Jon that your dislike of Reyes now has you supporting Jeffrey Loria. It is pathetic. And David you make a good point , Reyes did get a raw deal. Certainly wanted to be here but the Mets had no intention or financial ability to keep him. Everything else about the divorce is spin.

    • Jon: I don’t dislike Reyes, In fact, he is one the most favorite players I ever covered. And, there’s no way I support Jeffrey Loria. I was only pointing out the irony of Reyes being unhappy over the perception of disloyalty, while he showed little to the Mets. To say Reyes got a raw deal from the Mets is not true. Early in his career, when they didn’t have to, the Mets gave Reyes a long-term deal because he said he wanted financial security for his family. In that one contract over five years ago, Reyes got enough security to last five lifetimes. No, the Mets didn’t have the ability at the time to match the Marlins’ offer. Nor should they have. As a player reliant on his legs, Reyes was coming off several hamstring injuries (on the DL twice his last year here and he didn’t run in the second half) and what he wanted was too much considering the high probability of breaking down. No offer was made, which was wrong by the Mets. Reportedly, they were willing to go $80 million for four years. Had they made that offer it would have saved them the negative PR. You telling me $80 million would have been unfair?-JD

      • Disloyalty to the Mets… Let’s see some specifics. You mean the same disloyalty that Hairston showed the Mets for getting sick and tired of their BS games! The Mets knew what tReyes wanted. The Mets were playing games. That’s all Alderson does. He screws around with people. He screwed around with Dickey and Dickey wasn’t a perfect little boy at Fred’s phony Xmas party and he got traded in days. The Mets haven’t played straight with players or fans since the day this horrid man became GM. I’m sure the Bourn thing was another Alderson game. I hope this draft pick doesn’t sign with the Mets. The only one’s who want top play in queens anymore are guys who have no choice and AAAA players and David Wright who will kiss up on anything now for his assinine contract.