Who To Root For In The Super Bowl?

Just came in from a walk and it is a frigid 27 degrees. Interesting that I saw a couple of kids playing catch. Not with a football, but with a hardball and glove. Damn, that must have stung their hands.

To me, baseball season gets underway in my mind the day after the Super Bowl.

Is it me, or does the pre-game get longer every year. The game starts at 6:30 p.m., but the pre-game began before 11 a.m.. Seriously, a pre-game that lasts twice as long at the game itself? I’ve always thought the NFL was a little full of itself, but more power to them if their showcase lets the networks sell the time.

I usually find some hook for a rooting interest in the game, but I don’t have a dog in this fight.

On one hand, after growing up in Cleveland, it is extremely difficult to back Baltimore. Even without that variable, there’s always the Ray Lewis factor. He’s been one of the most self-glorifying figures in sport and it is tiresome. Dancing after the Indianapolis game and taking off his jersey after the New England game was just another example of his me-first attitude. And, by the way, the Ravens aren’t in the Super Bowl because God willed it.

From his Look At Me dancing, to this new image, it is just boring. Now, I’m hearing some commentators on ESPN call him “great” and “the greatest leader in the history of team sports.” What about Mickey Mantle, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Peyton Manning, Roberto Clemente, Johnny Unitas, Walt Frazier, Babe Ruth and countless others.

Lewis has been a great player, but he’s not even the greatest linebacker of all time. Say hello to Lawrence Taylor and Dick Butkus. I’d even take Jack Lambert over Lewis.

My Cleveland roots aside, the Lewis story has grown boring and tiresome. The NFL is so concerned about its image, yet they continue to glorify Lewis, as if those two people were never killed and he had nothing to do with it. He’s been given a free pass by virtually everybody and it is disgraceful.

I have never seen the attraction with Lewis, who is one I wish would just disappear. Of course, he’ll be on TV. Maybe he’ll preach at halftime.

The 49ers aren’t a day at the beach, either.

Jim Harbaugh is another who I find it hard to cheer for. I don’t like how he handled the Alex Smith situation and he’s got a lot of chest thumpers on his team.

The NFL is making a big deal about player safety, yet Smith, who was having a good season completing 70 percent of his passes, did all the right things yet lost his job after sustaining a concussion. What kind of message does that send? Harbaugh’s decision hasn’t bitten him because the 49ers reached the Super Bowl. But, who is to say they wouldn’t have gotten there with Smith?

Both these teams are difficult to root for outside their home areas. There’s not heart grabbing hook, although Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh is a great storyline, although it doesn’t have you gravitate one over the other.

For me, I’ll watch the Celtics this afternoon, enjoy the Super Bowl from an objective perspective and maybe a rooting hook will emerge. If not, I’ll just have some more wings.

Take care and enjoy the game.








3 thoughts on “Who To Root For In The Super Bowl?

  1. A Clevelander rooting for the Ravens under for any reason seems impossible to do. Maybe in 30 years. I said in 57 I’d never root for the Stoneham Giants but Posey made me forget the bitterness of their departure and I rooted for them twice in the last 3 years. In 62 I even celebrated with my evil Yankee friends when Bobby Richardson made the Series ending catch, But time heals wounds, but in your case its about 30 years too soon. You need to root for a last minute game winning play by the Niners despite all your misgivings. They never left Cleveland.

  2. I lived in Baltimore for a couple years so I will root for the, I understand how you feel about the Browns-I would have grown up in Akron, OH if my mother had her way on what job offer my father should take. But Baltimore had to suffer through Irsay loading up the vans at midnight, They tried to get a an expansion team but the NFL thought Jacksonville was a better site (Tagliabue must have a company that sells tarps to cover empty seats).
    Jayson Stark had an interesting column on how there has been more baseball teams that make the playoffs then the NFL the last decade and will have more champions even if SF wins. A Rod has a lot of faults but hasn’t he gotten a lot more criticism over the latest PED scandal than Lewis and his deer antler spray, And I haven’t heard of A Rod plea guilty to obstructing justice in a murder case

  3. LT was the greatest defensive player I ever saw. He wasn’t the biggest guy on the field and he was 235 or so. Today there are corners like that.

    I read something recently where the author was going off about PED’s. He called out Adrian Peterson and others who came back from injuries in record time.

    It got me thinking about Johan. But I will discuss that another time.

    This was a great game. The delay almost won the game for San Fran. I didn’t really care who won. For me its the Giants or no one. But this was a really good game. The commercials weren’t bad either. Beyonce nailed it.