The Parallels Between Jose Reyes And Darelle Revis

When I hear of the Jets’ dilemma with Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis, I can’t but help think of the similarities with the Mets and Jose Reyes.

Both are supremely talented athletes who excel at their positions, but have apparently outgrown their team’s financial structure.

REVIS: Reminds me of Reyes.

REVIS: Reminds me of Reyes.

Make no mistake, the Mets had the resources to bring back Reyes and the Jets have the funds to renegotiate an extension for Revis.

The Mets let Reyes walk because they didn’t want to spend the money and tie up their budget in future seasons for a player with an injury history. No, they haven’t been able to fully replace Reyes, especially on the offensive side, but they have more financial flexibility than they have in recent years.

The Mets also let Reyes depart because he wasn’t the missing piece. Even with Reyes, the Mets had – and still have – numerous holes.

Reyes, a player whose living depends upon his legs, was frequently injured during his last seasons with the Mets, including going on the disabled list twice in his final summer.

By all accounts, Reyes was a positive in the clubhouse, much like Revis is in the locker with the Jets.

For the third time in his career, Revis wants to renegotiate his contract, which has prompted some NFL executives to suggest he’ll never be happy, and quite frankly, this must wear on Jets management.

Revis is signed for next year so the Jets can play next season out and let him walk, but would get nothing, especially if he proves to be healthy.

The problem is two-fold in that Revis wants reportedly at least $50 million guaranteed, which is a chunk anytime, but especially daunting since he’s coming off knee surgery. They would be stupid to renegotiate a contract extension with him now not knowing what they’ll have physically.

The Jets are hard pressed to trade Revis, because teams would be reluctant to give up multiple draft picks – which they desperately need – for a player they don’t know will hold up for the season, and if he does, has a high probability of walking.

Would the Jets let numerous teams work out Revis and allow a window to negotiate? I don’t see that happening. And, if they did, what team would guarantee what Revis wants without fully knowing his physical capabilities.

I don’t like it when players don’t live up to their contracts and continually want to renegotiate. It falls on deaf ears that Revis wants to end his career with the Jets. Revis has proven this is about money.

Also, like Reyes, Revis is not the missing piece for the Jets. They need help with their pass rush, linebackers, offensive line, running back and receiver, not to mention quarterback.

The NFL has a salary cap that would make it hard to work an extension with Revis, while paying Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes – a truly bad contract – plus fill all their holes.

The Jets aren’t close. Their best options are to hold tight and attempt to negotiate a settlement after the 2013 season to keep him or deal him for what they can get.

Revis is a great corner, but his actions hardly denote that of a team player. Considering all the Jets’ needs, he’s not the answer. Let him go.

2 thoughts on “The Parallels Between Jose Reyes And Darelle Revis

  1. I think with football players it is different.

    I do not believe the contracts are guaranteed. In other words you make the team you are paid. You don’t and you are not.

    Baseball has guaranteed contracts. Look at Bay and they have longer careers.

    So I understand a football player wanting to get paid because it is about the now. One hit and it is over.

    As for Jose. I like Ruben. In hindsight they were not going to pay him and he has been injured his whole career. And he gets a guaranteed contract.

    Now as for finances, I read the GM is taking responsibility for this offseason. So if this is true he needs to be fired. The bullpen is built on riff raff. I understand this as the team sucks. We have a minor league OF. Are you telling me a GM of a MLB team cannot field a major league OF? He is either lying to protect the owner or he is incompetent. I don’t think it is the later.

    • dave is correct. football contracts are a game. Plus football has a salary cap. As for the Mets having this so called flexibility you announced, if it exists it is worthless since it is not being used.