Mets Not In It For Bourn; Will Look At Wilson Again

Not surprisingly, it is looking as if the Mets will enter spring training with their current outfield and pitching staff composition or sign a free agent not worthy of draft pick compensation.

The Mets had been thinking of Michael Bourn and Kyle Lohse, but do not want to lose the 11th pick. The ten worst records have their pick protected, but Pittsburgh displaced the Mets from the top ten because the Pirates did not sign their 2012 first-round pick.

The Mets’ argument is they shouldn’t be penalized for something the Pirates did not do.

“Obviously, we want to have some sense of which way that interpretation would go before we made any final decision,’’ GM Sandy Alderson said. “At this point, it’s all speculation.’’

Either way, with Scott Boras his agent, Bourn would not come cheaply.

Alderson admitted the free-agent market has greatly thinned and the trade market is slow because teams are preparing for spring training. If somebody doesn’t step up from within, the Mets will shop the free-agent market again when teams make their roster cuts.

Also thin is the bullpen pool, where Alderson will again take a look at former Giant Brian Wilson. Alderson watched Wilson, Jan. 12, in Los Angeles, but came away unimpressed with his velocity.


13 thoughts on “Mets Not In It For Bourn; Will Look At Wilson Again

  1. Is there a point where they could get him without giving up the pick?

    In other words some calendar event where the compensation pick goes away?

  2. Noting better than to try to sell an entertainment product in New York City with a far less than first class product. Lets see. Should we go to a Mets game big league prices, overpayto park, pay the bridge fees, go through all the aggravation of traffic, to support a team that just doesn’t care about being good anymore. Sure, lets waste a day, or NOT. It will be interesting to see how low attendance can go in queens.

    • I agree.

      The excitement of this season will be to watch the Mets on SNY and count the filled seats every game. I wonder if the fans will brown bag it a la the Aints.

      Will fan reaction shame freddy into investing in his team? Will it shame Selig to force a sale? Inquiring minds want to know.

        • I would think they would talk about how bad they are. I have heard Keith and Ron say it. Now they will not say what they really think, but I think they will say it is a bad team.

    • Nathan: You are 100 percent correct. The Mets have not improved their product from last year one iota. Their hope is the current roster will improve. But, I said it before, hoping is not a plan.-JD

  3. Dave – no, there is no point where the compensation changes.
    I’m torn on the idea of challenging the CBA. I would like to think the lawyers knew this could happen and left the wording the way it was. On the other hand, it is kind of crappy that a team gets penalized because another team failed to sign a drafted player.
    What the Mets shuold have done was challenge this earlier in the offseason, and not waited until now. I think they are trying to use it as leverage to perhaps sign Bourn for a little less, but with Boras, that is not going to happen.

  4. I have read a lot of the different Mets blogs across the Internet and the majority of the fans comments want the Mets to sign Bourn because of the current outfield situation or lack thereof. The holdup being the draft pick loss by the Mets as well as contract size. I don’t think Alderson is going to sucked into paying anything close to what boras wants in dollars or years or bid against some mystery team. I for one do not believe Bourn is worth it for the mets in terms of dollars and draft pick and this point in time. If the mets were one player or two players away from being a competitive team then I would be all in for Bourn.

    Alderson could also be looking at Bourn and determined he does not have a market because of his draft pick compensation connection. Seeing this, Alderson may believe he has leverage on Boras to sign Bourn to a contract under terms that are favorable to the mets. As such, the mets upgrade the outfield on terms that are below market on an good outfielder.

    Many of the comments also could care less about losing a draft pick that could help 4 or 5 years from now. I think this is what got the Mets in the situation they have been in the last few years. Lets go back to 2005 no second or third round pick; 2006 no first round pick; 2007 no first round pick ( two supplemental round picks); 2009 no first round pick. I understand that the mets were running playoffs teams or in contention during those years and they went out and got what they needed and I am fine with that. Losing these picks thought hurt the minor leagues

    The counter argument I hear is draft picks are just that draft picks and that most of them never reach the majors and reach their full potential. I agree. But there is also a chance they become an all star player cost controlled for several years or a trade chip to get a stud outfielder. The more picks the team has the better chance you have of some actually working out. It also creates depth in the minors so when the big leagues need players there are replacements on the way that can be called up. We have not had that the last several years as well. It’s why all teams are careful about losing a draft pick, especially a high pick.

    As a met fan I have seen them pay for free agents over the last several years and few work out. I am ready for a new way and Alderson is doing this the right way. This will take some patience by the mets fans which I don’t think we have.

    • Glen. If the Mets really were anything but liars on every issue, and the draft pick was so holy why in heck did they fail to sign the supplemental pick from losing Reyes. The Met front office is full of crap.

    • As John has said Bourne has an expensive agent and the team is not in a position to pay. Both because of the ponzu scheme and because the team is not ready. However we do need an outfield and you need to start somewhere and he is a good player.

      It would be tough to give up the #11. I just don’t see how it makes sense to do the deal when you will not resign the reigning Cy Young for cheap. A man that is the Ace of your staff and makes your pitching above avg. the rationale was we got back young talent. This deal turns that reasoning on its head.

      As for the past we kept giving up picks for marginal big name talent. It’s ok to doit once in a while but we did it every year and as a result had no minor league depth.

  5. Glen: Thank you for your well thought out response. I agree with what you say and don’t think Bourn is worth the investment. At least not with what Boras will be asking. Free agents are a crap shoot and there are no guarantees. Minor league strength is in the numbers. The more prospects and draft picks you have the more you can offer in a trade. I definitely don’t want Sandy Alderson to be trading Harvey and Wheeler. Alderson came here as a caretaker for the club and for the most part he’s done what he said he would do. He trimmed payroll by cutting dead weight (Oliver Perez, Jason Bay, although he bought out Bay). The Mets, and Mets fans have already invested two years in Alderson. I understand it takes time, and I admit I’ve lost some patience because I thought there would be some improvement. Trouble is, the Mets have already invested a lot with Alderson and he should be given more time to work things out. Blowing up the team and starting over is not be best option. Again, thanks for you moment and I hope you’ll come back. Best.-JD