Thoughts On 2013 Projected Roster

Will Ruben Tejada leadoff for the Mets in 2013?

Mets beat writer Anthony DiComo, posted what he believes the Mets roster will look like come Opening Day.

C : John Buck
1B: Ike Davis
2B: Daniel Murphy
SS: Ruben Tejada
3B: David Wright
OF: Lucas Duda
OF: Kirk Nieuwenhuis
OF: Mike Baxter
Bench: Collin Cowgill
Bench: Andrew Brown
Bench: Justin Turner
Bench: Brandon Hicks
Bench: Anthony Recker

SP: Johan Santana
SP: Jon Niese
SP: Matt Harvey
SP: Dillon Gee
SP: Jenrry Mejia
RP: Frank Francisco
RP: Bobby Parnell
RP: Josh Edgin
RP: Greg Burke
RP: Robert Carson
RP: Jeurys Familia
RP: Jeremy Hefner

I have it almost exactly the same way. I also feel confident that Hefner, Familia and Mejia all make the team as I asserted yesterday in another post. The real battle will be Feliciano versus Burke for one bullpen spot.

The starting lineup and bench is about the same as last year from a production standpoint, but still considerably worse than 2011. That outfield is really tough on the eyes.

I think Valdespin edges out Brown or will make the team for his ability to play second base and for the fact he may have the best speed on the team. The only way ‘Spin doesn’t make the team is if Hairston comes back.

By the way, for three weeks in a row there was a report that Hairston was about to announce who he was signing with that week. It hasn’t happened yet. Are the Mets waiting him out or is he waiting the Mets out?

I agree that Recker will edge out Powell who I never took as a serious catching option anyway. Not that Recker is all that better, it’s just a hunch.

I have no idea what the top of the order will look like this season, but I can assure you it will have a resounding effect on RBI opportunities for both Wright and Davis.

Will it be Tejada and Murphy?

Both of them are slow of foot, and if it’s Baxter, his boneheaded plays on the bases last season made Angel Pagan look like a Mensa.

This team might be one of the slowest Mets teams I’ve ever seen and I wonder if they will crack the 50 stolen base mark in a park that was apparently built for pitching, defense and SPEED.

Whenever d’Arnaud does come up, I hope they don’t do something crazy and bat him in the middle of the order out of desperation. I wouldn’t put that past Terry Collins. Even David Wright was batting seventh and eighth after he was promoted from Triple-A and stood there for almost two months until he slowly inched his way up.

Anyway, those are some of my thoughts on DiComo’s¬†projected¬†roster…


8 thoughts on “Thoughts On 2013 Projected Roster

  1. yuk

    So I guess Young is out?

    Mejia can’t pitch. He has no control. If he is the #5 guy it means they can’t spend one or two mill ( savings from the Cy Young ) to get a journeyman pitcher that you know can keep the game going.

    But as I have said before actions speak louder than words and this team as presented here sucks. As Nathan above states 100 losses here we come.

  2. That outfield and bench sure do suck. Hopefully Cap’n Kirk leans to lay off the slider, otherwise his k’s are going to be many.
    Please, spare me from more Hefner. And Mejia is not ready to be a starter. Odds are he will be on an innings limit, so he won’t make it past July. Then again, perhaps the hope/thought is that Wheeler will be ready by then. Or perhaps they slot Familia in as #5 at that point.
    Any speed the team had went to Miami, and is now in Toronto. Even when they opened CitiField, there wasn’t a lot of overt speed (considering Beltran was hobbled). It was more “team speed”, with a few guys who could steal 20 and Reyes, but enough speed to stretch singles to doubles often enough to put RISP. Now we don’t even have that.
    I don’t see 100 losses though (perhaps I am wearing the blue and orange colored glasses). 75 wins at least. Why you ask? Because there is still enough talent to prevent a complete free-fall. All you need is a couple of the guys to exceed expectations a bit, which can happen.
    Playoffs on the other hand are out of the question. Unless somehow Duda turns into the next McReynolds in left and Kirk learns to hit.

    • Yes, but look at the outfield. It is awful.

      At least Bay played defense.

      Without RA there will be more hits. There will be more bullpen. There will be more losses.

      And then there is the OF.

      I think there is a steep dropoff in the team.

      And Duda will not be the next McReynolds. He can’t hit and certainly can’t field. McReynolds could play the field.

    • Ed: You mentioned free-fall, which is what happened in the second half. It was a fall of almost historic proportions. Let’s assume they don’t have a repeat and enough guys improve, after losing a 20-game winner, .500 is still a long road to travel. They need to improve by 14 games, and you’re right, that’s difficult.-JD

  3. Marcum signed, so we can get rid of the “no major league free-agents signed by the Mets” whining.