Why Do You Still Root For The Mets?

It is a simple question, really. With spring training just under a month away and the Mets arguably worse that the team that finished well under .500 last year and hasn’t had a winning season since 2008, why do you still root for them?


4 thoughts on “Why Do You Still Root For The Mets?

  1. I root for them because they are my team. I hate the owner and I may not watch the games much nor may I pay much attention this year to baseball, but they are my team.

    Just as I rooted for the Giants when they drafted an assortment of no name quarterbacks to lead the team before the fumble. When defense and Harry Carson was the only reason to watch the team.

    This year you have Harvey, Santana, Ike, David, Ruben, Dan to watch and root for. Niese and Gee too if they are any good. But the team will be bad. If they play good ball out of the gate like last year I will watch while it lasts.

    This team has been bad since 2007 when they collapsed at the beginning of September. I saw it. I saw them fail and lose and not fight. They lost on the last day but it should never have happened. Every year has been the same story.

    A pen that is overused.
    A rotation that is weak and just not good enough.
    No bench.
    A team that lacks fundamentals.

    Every year there was some excuse but the above was consistent. Regardless of who they signed to put us over the top that year.

  2. Why do I root for the Mets? Sure the losing is painful & hard to deal with, but a lot of Mets fans are overly pessimists they don’t get behind the players & that’s what it is. The Wilpons are total schmucks & I wish they’d sell the team to someone who has the financial capability to field a decent team but at the same time not try to buy a championship like the other NY team. At least our team is young & there will be bumps in the road, but with the right personnel guiding the youngsters they may hopefully surprise everyone who are expecting them to fail, but that will take time. Sandy better get real creative soon!

  3. Because they are my team. Through thick and thin.
    I root for the Mets, Jets and Islanders, so perhaps I am immune to the pain at this point.
    At some point, the worm has to turn, and they will be good again.
    And we will be glad we stuck it out.
    Heck, many of us waited from 1973 – 1984.
    Then from 1988 – 2000.
    5 years isn’t so long.