Piazza Denies Steroids In Book

Some writers claim they voted NO on Mike Piazza for the Hall of Fame did so because his book, “Long Shot,” isn’t to be released until Feb. 12, after the induction announcement. Coincidence or deliberate timing?

You can make an argument either way, but not surprisingly Piazza denies any steroid use. Of course, nobody would realistically expect him to.

It’s pretty disheartening to hear how objective journalists painted Piazza with the same broad brush applied to Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Vote your conscience, but the evidence against Piazza is circumstantial at best. Pimples are not a conclusive argument.


2 thoughts on “Piazza Denies Steroids In Book

  1. As a fan I can say that it is hard to root too hard for any player doing extraordinary things while this era is alive and well.

    The argument is he was not outed and never tested positive.

    The argument against is they didn’t try to hard or at all to test to keep the game clean.

    The fans didn’t care if their team was winning – the Giant fans rooted for Bonds after it was clear he was cheating.

    The owners didn’t care because they were making money

    The commissioner didn’t care as he has no integrity or honor

    The writers ( sorry John ) didn’t care as it is a good story to write about winining and all. Plus who wants to be the messenger that gets shot? Who wants to go into a hostile clubhouse to get a story?

    So as a writer post facto you are taking a reasonable stance. Perhaps the only logical stance, but the situation will never be successfully resolved until testing has teeth and the players today are retired.

    Players good, bad and mediocre are still coming up bad. Minor leaguers are still being caught, so the circumstantial evidence is that this is a cancer for the game and very widespread.

    Beside the acne reports that came out after he retired there was the mysterious groin tear where I believe the tendon pulled right off the bone. This is consistent with what I have heard of injuries related to steroids where the body is pulled in ways that it was not meant to. Still circumstantial and no real proof. But over the years you have seen many very strange injuries that independently are just one off freaks. Collectively it is a flag. Can you prove he cheated? Of course not. But it makes me wonder about one of the Mets best and loved players.

    • One thing

      The incentive for the player to cheat is it is widespread and by not taking it you are a step behind

      Plus with the pay. If you don’t and put up good numbers 20hr or even 30

      You are a good or average player. 30 years ago you would be a star or super star. 5 years ago every Tom , Dick and Harry had those numbers including short stops.

      So if you want to get paid you had to take the drugs. To get paid and to get respect and because no one cared if you did. But they cared if you didn’t pull your weight in the juiced era.