Will Pete Rose Get Another Hit?

Well, now here’s a sign the apocalypse is upon us. Pete Rose, baseball’s career-hits leader, is about to host a new reality series.

The cameras will follow around Pete and his wife, former TV exercise queen Kiana Kim, to capture the daily doings of the every day couple. It should be as real as the Kardashians

ROSE: As we remember him.

Of course, this would have been more compelling had it been done when he was playing, or better still, managing the Reds. But, there’s a reason for Rose doing this other than money, and that is to be a continuing thorn in the side of Bud Selig.

I always liked Rose, always thought he should be in the Hall of Fame, primarily because his gambling was done when he was managing. I know this is contrary to my views on steroid users, but it is something I can’t get over, probably because he was one of my favorite players growing up.

I thought Rose was betrayed by then Commissioner Bart Giamatti. One of the contingencies of his agreement was that Major League Baseball would not state Rose gambled on baseball, but five minutes into Giamatti’s press conference he said Rose gambled on baseball.

That is probably one of the reasons why Rose so vehemently denied gambling for years. It also irked me that they banned him from the sport, yet in the ceremonies for the all-time team they paraded him out there. Of course, that was to avoid the embarrassment of not inviting him since  it was a fan vote.

That was an extraordinary ceremony seeing all those great players on the field together. The only thing wrong with that night was when TV commentator Jim Gray ambushed Rose with questions about his gambling. As if Rose were to admit it live on national TV and put a damper on the evening. But, it was the kind of thing you’d expect from Gray, who was also the pawn in LeBron James’ “The Decision.”

But, I digress.

I can see banning Rose from managing again or working in an executive capacity, but he would be a useful vehicle in teaching young players about overcoming the temptations. And, he wouldn’t be bad as a spring training hitting instructor. But, I don’t understand the Hall of Fame ban because it is to acknowledge what he did as a player. The object of the game is to hit the ball and he did it more than any other player. It is a record that will probably never be broken.

And yes, as with the steroid users, there should be an acknowledgement on his plaque for of his gambling.

Anyway, that’s a moot issue as long as Selig is commissioner

It is a cheesy idea, but yes, I’ll watch.

3 thoughts on “Will Pete Rose Get Another Hit?

  1. I don’t know what the deal was with that commissioner, but everything I read about him said he was a thoughtful person who loved the game.

    It seems to me his ban of Rose was a way to settle the situation without damaging the perception of the game.

    What the issues were with Rose I will never know. But apparently he felt strong enough about it to ban one of baseballs exceptional players. Then he died so there is no chance for him to reconsider nor to give some color as to what went on.

    • Also if I remember at the time Rose was very arrogant. He very aggressively denied any wrongdoing and tried to sway public opinion his way so that he can get what he wants.

  2. I haven’t liked this guy since he was named Rookie of the Year instead of Ron Hunt.