I Voted For Piazza

I can’t remember when I’ve anticipated the Hall of Fame results like I do this year. I would be stunned if the noted cheaters on the ballot – Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa – get in, but honestly I am surprised to read how many writers included them.

Some say they voted on production, yet omitted baseball’s greatest hitting catcher in Mike Piazza. I do not understand this thinking.

I did not vote for Bonds, Clemens or Sosa, but I did vote for Piazza. The evidence against Bonds, Clemens and Sosa is evident, as it is against Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro.

That is not the case with Piazza, who never failed a drug test, did not appear on the Mitchell Report, and was never accused by a colleague on the record. There has been innuendo against Piazza from a several writers citing acne on his back. This is circumstantial evidence, and shaky at best.

If Piazza does not get in, and it is later discovered he cheated, then I will change my vote in the future. But, there currently is none, and I cast my ballot for him without hesitation.

6 thoughts on “I Voted For Piazza

  1. Fair enough.

    I have seen reports of more than one NY reporter who voted for these cheaters. What a sham. They say what you said above. Look at the numbers. I say they just throw out the books if these cheaters get in.

    Seriously. Bonds is a better HR hitter than Mays, Babe and Aaron? He was a good player when he was young and presumably not juicing and then late in his career his numbers exploded. Really? He discovered what Ponce de Leon could not?

  2. This is from AP

    What more is there to say?

    TORONTO — New Toronto ace R.A. Dickey said Tuesday he’s thrilled to join a team that’s “all in” to win the World Series and thankful the New York Mets did not meet his contract demands.

    The Blue Jays formally introduced Dickey at Rogers Centre after acquiring the National League Cy Young Award winner from the Mets last month.

    Dickey said the Mets helped him cultivate his knuckleball and said there is no acrimony between him and his former team, but he’s glad to be moving on.

  3. I’m not saying Piazza oir Bagwell used, but remember the first year of drug testing? Remember the results have been kept secret except for AROD? Until those results are released, then you don’t know if anybody who played that year, 203 maybe, failed a drug test. And how do you suspect a guy? did anyone suspect Pettit before the Clemons trials and pre trials and hearings? I don’t think, but he’s a user. I feel bad for those that vote because you will never know the full roids story.

    • You don’t know who used because they refused to test for 10 years.

      Even when they did test they told them ahead of time when they would be tested. Saying they never were caught is a farce.

    • Nathan: You’re right, not all the facts are known. I go by what I know and believe. The testing process has been flawed from the beginning.-JD