Mets Should Say NO To Pavano

I keep hearing rumblings the Mets are interested in Carl Pavano, who made $8.5 million last year with Minnesota at age 36.


While the pressures pitching for the Yankees are different than they are the Mets – the expectations in the Bronx are always greater – this is not a move they should be making.

I wouldn’t want Pavano in the Mets’ rotation if he were willing to pitch for the major league minimum.

Pavano’s New York track record was mostly a long line of injuries – including not reporting being in an auto accident – and coming up small in big moments. At the time, his nickname was “The American Idle,’’ for all the time spent on the disabled list.

As much as I want the Mets to make a move to show they have a pulse, let alone the desire to prove they want to be competitive, Pavano is notoriously thin skinned and not a good fit for New York. It was tough enough for him with the Marlins and Twins, so I wouldn’t expect much in Flushing.

After all, after 14 major league seasons, he is 108-107 with a 4.39 ERA, so why should this year be different? How much of a pay cut he would be willing to take, I don’t know, but can’t they get a win-one, lose-one pitcher for half the price? I would think so.

Covering Pavano in the Yankees clubhouse was frustrating. He was short-fused, testy and without humor, and this was with a winning franchise. I can’t imagine him being a day at the beach in Queens with a losing franchise.

I listed several pitchers still on the market yesterday, with several being a better fit than Pavano.

I also keep hearing the Mets have money to spend, but there aren’t many signs showing that inclination. If it is the same media sources doing the shouting, one has to wonder the motivation. Is it real news or somebody doing a PR favor for ownership? It wouldn’t be a stretch for it to be the latter.

That being said, if the Mets genuinely have dollars, they would be better spent on the mound on a fifth starter than in the outfield. Should the Mets land a legitimate starter, it could help in two categories in that he could take some of the load off the bullpen.

Conversely, unless they acquire a stud bat – and they don’t have the money for that – a middle-tier outfielder won’t improve the Mets significantly.

3 thoughts on “Mets Should Say NO To Pavano

  1. I disagree. Who’s out there that the Mets should have spent money on? Grienke? Hamilton? (talk about two guys probably not cut out for NY). Mets are moving in the right direction. They are building a strong starting pitching staff and strength up the middle – D’Arnaud is supposed to be a plus defender and if he hits like Montero (.260,15 homers, 60 ribs) would be a hero behind the plate. Tejada is plus defender, fine with the bat, Murph is improving every year with the glove. We know he can hit. If anything they need a centerfielder. A plus defender who hits .250-.275 is fine. Historically teams built like that win games, especially in the playoffs.

    • I agree. What pitchers are out there who fits the Mets budget ( $2m )?

      The Mets need an OF. Are we seriously going to field Duda, Capt Kirk, Baxter as our starters?

      Duda is a butcher who can’t hit. As John mentioned the league caught up with Kirk so he needs to prove he has adjusted and Baxter is a backup. Someone who ca legitimately start in the OF would help. How many runs will Duda cost us? And as much as I like Kirk he had his moments in the OF too.

    • marc: You make some positive points about the rest of the team. I just don’t think Pavano is cut out for New York. He’s too pricey for what the Mets want to spend.-JD