Free Agent Market Came And Went For Mets

There were several free agents, if the Mets had the willingness and/or ability to pay, that could have improved them to the point where it could be a competitive summer.

And, I’m not talking about big-ticket players Josh Hamilton, Nick Swisher, B.J. Upton, Zack Greinke, Anibal Sanchez, Edwin Jackson and Rafael Soriano. The Mets were never going to be players for them, anyhow.

The Mets were beaten out by some notorious small market or small spending teams such as Pittsburgh (Jason Grilli, Russell Martin and Francisco Liriano), Tampa Bay (James Loney and Joel Peralta), Minnesota (Kevin Correia and Mike Pelfrey), Cleveland (Swisher and Mark Reynolds), Baltimore (McLouth), Arizona (Brandon McCarthy and Cody Ross), Kansas City (Jeremy Guthrie).

I’d include Oakland, but Bartolo Colon? Really?

However, Michael Bourn, Matt Capps, Jonny Gomes, Dan Haren, Nate Schierholtz, Nate McLouth and John Lannan could have given life to the Mets. And, none from this latter group who were signed received a package of greater than $13 million.

Perhaps, two or three – a pitcher and outfielder – could have impacted the dynamics and attitude of the roster and given the Mets something to build on during spring training.

Much of who is left are broken down (Grady Sizemore), older (Kevin Millwood), potentially too expensive (Carl Pavano or ex-Mets (Xavier Nady, Francisco Rodriguez, Ronny Cedeno, Jon Rauch, Endy Chavez and Kelly Shoppach).

Others, such as Brad Penny, Shaun Marcum or Derek Lowe won’t make enough of a difference.

There’s always next winter for extravagant spending.


7 thoughts on “Free Agent Market Came And Went For Mets

  1. The problem as I see it is money.

    Wasn’t Pelf given $5m or so? This for a player who is hurt who has always disappointed.

    We didn’t sign the reigning Cy Young for a reason. Because we have no money. How or why we signed David I have no idea.

    We can only sign marginal players with a $2m cap.

    Also look at it another way. The overwhelming majority of productive players on this team make less than $3m.

    • There is plenty of money. Do you forget all the salries that are gone and replaced by nothing? Ollie, Castillo, Beltran, KROD, The pyroll isn’t large anymore. The problem is that the inept and corrupt Wilpons do not have that free money rolling in anymore. that Bernie Madoff money allowed them to lose money on the Mets because the Madoff money was enormous. now the inept Wilpons have to try to run a business. They picked the Pirate model. Make payroll as small as possible and despite poor attendance you’ll make a profit from the stuff that MLB shares with all teams, mainly the national TV rights. The Pirates turn a profit every year. Think their owner gives a toot about winning? The Wilpons picked their model. Fans get screwed.

      • The team is losing money ( as Ed details below, the free agents are not really good ).

        I think the team loses $50M every year. The team is trying to break even so they won’t sign anyone.

        Fred and his brother are successful real estate guys. They are losing money and so are trying to fix this. I may not agree with the way they are doing it, but this is what they are doing. This is why I do not know why they signed David.

        They have these problems:
        1) spend too much money ( Omar )
        2) They are losing money
        3) They are losing.

        So Sandy is trying to stop #1. As he brings the cost below $100M then they can try and stop losing money. By promoting the talent from below at some point they will step #3.

        I don’t like them, but this seems to be what they are doing. They are doing what the Marlins are doing. Get rid of all the contracts. Have a young team and build from there.

        The big question with this approach is are the kids good enough to win? Our biggest problem is OF. I am not sure we have enough there to compete. Somehow we need to bring OF into the organization or get lucky with the kids below.

  2. Lets take a look at the free-agent class shall we?
    Russell Martin – nice homers in the bandbox in the Bronx. Not much else.
    Liriano – been hurt a LOT
    Loney – sucks. Look at his stats. The Red Sox let him leave
    Pelfrey – $5million? No thanks.
    Swisher – overpaid.
    Mark Reynolds – strikeout machine
    McLouth – maybe
    McCarthy – maybe
    Ross – overpaid overrated
    Guthrie – not very good
    Correira – $5 million not too bad, but it was a 2 yr deal, so not worth it.

    Haren has been injured on and off forever. Lannan has not been good against anyone except the Mets for a couple of years.
    Gomes had 279 AB with a 868 OPS. Possibly could have helped. Career wise he is a 244 avg, 789 OPS guy.

    The point is not how much money you spend. The point is, how wisely do you spend it. Why throw money after marginal players that will not appreciably help the team? This team is not going to be very good in 2013. Wait until the talent pool is deeper, then spend.

    Sorry Nathan, but the Mets payroll is nowhere near Pirate levels, which in 2012 was $62 million (per ESPN. Per Cot’s Baseball Contracts, the opening day payroll was $52 m). The Mets as of opening day 2012 were at approx $93 million, which is about $30 – $40 million higher than the Pirates (depending on who’s numbers you use for comparison. Yes, there is some deadweight there, but it is money being spent.

    Now, I am no Wilpon apologist, I think they have screwed things up royally. But don’t make outrageous claims with no basis in fact, or build strawman arguements about how they should have signed some guy because another team signed them. That’s silly.

    • Now that Ed, tells us that every free agent sucks, next he will tell us every single player who was traded sucks. except of course for two kids Another guy who has forgotten that baseball fandom is not about rooting for Fred Wilpon’s bank account. Sorry Ed, but one more year sans Sanatana and they will be there with the Pirates. Nice try tho. Too bad this over the hill GM who only ever won because of Canseco feeding roids to his buddies, couldn’t figure out how to dump guys quickly. Can’t be done they said? Oh but the Red Sox sure did it in a flash. Maybe you are not a Wilpon apologist, but you sure as hell have fallen for the BS spewed out by an org, that doesn’t know how to earn money legitimately.

      • I agree that this team sucks.

        Can you really blame the GM though? If the owner won’t approve the trade what can you do? I don’t know what the owner will allow or not, but considering the financial problems of the team it is no wonder they act the way they do.

        I think the only reason David was signed is he is good at shining the owner on and Fred likes him even if he is not a superstar.

        What Sandy has done is he is building up the minors which is feeding the big team.

        Now let us assume you are right and we get rid of Sandy. Will the new GM get good free agents or will he do what Omar did and sign a bunch of scrap heap players at 1M each ( chewing up the budget such as it is ) so we can win 3 or 4 more games this year and not improve the team for next year or beyond?

        I know this team will suck. I know we are waiting for these pitchers to get one or two years of experience. We have no outfield and our pen sucks. We are waiting for this catcher to show us he is the next coming of Gary Carter.

        So in the mean time we can all bitch and moan about how we suck. I know I will.

      • Nathan, instead of attacking my point, why not try to refute it with facts instead of snark?
        The Red Sox dumped, true, on the Dodgers, who had a boatload of money to spend thanks to their new ownership who made the decision, some would say a poor one, to take on a lot of salary. How exactly did that work out for the Dodgers by the way? Are they enjoying their WS Champ…, oh, wait…
        As for the Red Sox, they turned around and threw a stupid contract at Shane Victorino, who, despite the best efforts of ESPN to convince fans otherwise, has been pretty bad the past few years (why else would the Phillies have allowed their “heart and soul” to leave?). The Sox have a lot of holes, and that organization is as, if not more disfunctional than the Mets are.

        I don’t root for Wilpon’s bank account, I root for the Mets, and have done since I was old enough to follow the game (about 35 years now). I’ve seen highs and lows and middle of the road. I’ve seen good players falter, and marginal guys excel. I’ve been to games with about 500 of my fellow fans, and with 50,000 of them. So do me a favor Nathan, and don’t question my fandom. You hate the Wilpons, as most fans do. Try to separate that. You use it as a club against any move or non-move you disagree with.

        I have asked this question here (and elsewhere) several times, exactly what Free Agent that would have made a positive impact to the team in 2013 and beyond should the Mets have signed? Why continue to throw good money (in short supply) after bad? To make fans feel better? That hasn’t worked out so well in the past for the Mets (I’d list the examples, but I do not have all day, and we all know them anyway). The answer is nobody. This was not a deep class of talent. There were a few good players, but their demands were absurd.
        Frank Cashen built the 1980’s teams through the draft and smart trades. He traded a beloved Met in Mazzilli. He acquired pieces and then traded from his depth to build a very talented team. That’s the model Adlerson and co are following.
        Even the Yankees built the core of their late 1990’s and early 2000’s teams from the draft and trades, then signed some FA. Lately they have done more of the latter, and it has not worked out as well for them.
        The SF Giants also built mostly through trades and drafting.
        It is a model that works, assuming you have a smart guy running things.
        The Mets, in Alderson, Riccardi and Depodesta have 3 smart guys.
        Yes, the lack of money from the owners is hampering things, and I do wish the Wilpons would sell the team. For now, we have to deal with them, and hope that the youth matures well, and that over time the pursestrings will open.
        As for being there with the Pirates after Santana leaves, you forget about Davis, Gee and others who will be due to arbitration raises or signed to new deals, as well as potential FA signings after next season. That and the possibility that the Pirates may falter and wind up having to deal some guys. Oh, and btw, did you see that the Liriano deal was not completed, due to his failing a physical? What would the response have been if the Mets had signed him and he wound up hurt?