Mets Who Could Be On The Block In July

It’s not even spring training, so what better time to fast forward to July and project what Mets could be dealt at the deadline?

JOHAN SANTANA: Assuming he’s healthy and producing, and the Mets not in the playoff hunt, who can’t see the Mets trying to get out from whatever they can of what is left of his contract? If Santana is on his game, a contender should be interesting.

CHRIS YOUNG: Should the Mets sign him as their fifth starter and the season bogs down, if he shows anything in the first half, some contender is sure to be willing to give up a middle prospect for a veteran who’ll make a half-dozen starts. If the Mets aren’t going anywhere, what’s the point of keeping Young around?

FRANK FRANCISCO: Let’s face it, the Mets aren’t bringing him back for 2014. So, deal him for a prospect and give the closer job to Bobby Parnell. Parnell is too young and has too much upside to deal him how. If the Mets aren’t doing anything this year, I’d be game for trading Francisco now and seeing what Parnell can do.

DANIEL MURPHY: If there’s an AL team that needs a DH or a bat off the bench, then Murphy could be ideal.

It is easy to see why Jon Niese or Ike Davis would be attractive – price and production – but those reasons are why the Mets would want to keep them. David Wright isn’t going anywhere, and players such as Lucas Duda and Kirk Nieuwenhuis haven’t built enough of a resume.








2 thoughts on “Mets Who Could Be On The Block In July

  1. They never traded anybody else who didn’t make a boatload, why do you suddenly think they might trade guys like fatty francisco or Young or Murphy. The fake GM will spend the next six months working to rid uncle fred of that Santana contract.

  2. I would trade all of the above but Dan. He is young and cheap.

    Also as far as I know we don’t have a player good enough to replace him.

    Anyone who has talent is always hurt.

    Dan has learned to play a serviceable 2b while hitting 300. He has no power but in this day and age middle infielders may no longer have to hit 30hr.