Mets Matters: Chris Young Again?

I’ve written it several times, and it could be true: The Mets might add Chris Young to fill the void left by the trade of R.A. Dickey. For those scoring at home, Young won four games last year while Dickey won 20.

Yeah, that should be enough.

When contemplating bringing back Young, the key numbers are 20 starts and 115 innings, important because he is coming off surgery to repair a torn anterior capsule in his right shoulder.

Should Young stay healthy he’s worth it, but nobody knows for sure. Of course, if he’s healthy and pitching well at the break, he could be a chip that could be traded.

SOCCER AT CITI FIELD: You know things aren’t going well when soccer doesn’t want to deal with you.

Reportedly, the Mets want to bring an expansion MLS team to Citi Field, but the league prefers building its own stadium at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. That’s a pretty arrogant stance considering where soccer rates in this country.

Unless the MLS wants to fund the project 100 percent, New York City should tell the league to take a hike. There are so many other priorities for New York, and this was prior to the damages caused by Sandy that a soccer stadium shouldn’t even be left open for discussion.

“An MLS team at Citi Field is a nonstarter for us,’’ MLS spokesperson Rita Heller said. “A soccer stadium in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is a win for soccer fans, a win for the Queens community and a win for economic development.’’

What else would you expect her to say?

When a team begging for public funds talks about “economic development,’’ for the community it is time to run.

DUDA SAYS HE’S ON TRACK:  Lucas Duda, two months removed from surgery on his right wrist, said he would be ready for spring training.

He already has started throwing in California and plans to begin hitting in the next week or so.

Duda, projected to the left fielder, is already throwing and should start swinging the bat next week.

Currently, the Mets’ outfield is Duda, Kirk Nieuwenhuis in center and Mike Baxter in right. One bench option is Collin Cowgill, who was acquired from Oakland. The Mets are also thinking about using reserve infielder Justin Turner off the bench.

The Mets don’t have any plans to re-sign Scott Hairston, who is seeking two years on his contract extension. The competition for another right-handed hitting outfielder could fall between Andrew Brown and Brian Bixler.


10 thoughts on “Mets Matters: Chris Young Again?

  1. John, it is a big year for Duda. Last year he took a step back. In 2011 he showed he could hit lefties. The league adjusted and now Duda has to adjust. He is moving to left field which is a better position for him besides DH. Lets hope this wrist injury does not hurt him coming into spring training.

    • Why is left field better??? This is a bogus statement that the Mets spew out to make very casual fans think they are doing something big. duda’s probem is getting to balls not getting the ball back to the infield. so the big improvement is to put him in left where there are more chances for him to mis play balls. It is indeed brilliant.

      • Left field is better because it is an easier position to play than right field.
        Additionally, Duda has Tejada and Wright playing in front of him who can go back on balls much better than Murphy and Davis. Allows Duda to play a little deeper in the outfield. You also don’t need as strong as an arm playing left field than right. There are a many reasons why it’s better. Everyone knows Duda cant play in the outfield but if he is he might as well play the easier of the two corners

  2. I like Young. I also know that is what we can afford. I don’t know who is out there but I know he can pitch and I know he is cheap. He is not RA and won’t pretend he can replace him. Considering we have no outfield is it a wonder they are going cheap for pitching?

    As for Duda. He can’t play outfield. The correct term is butcher and he can’t hit. This is one of our OF positions for a MLB team? This is the state of the Mets.

    What we signed this offseason is a joke. In that context I have no idea why they signed David. For that money they can buy a 25 man roster.

    It must be for show. That is what Fred is into. He is all about show. He wants to be competitive which means that they are not mathematically eliminated til September. He doesn’t want to win.

  3. Dear Clueless Mets Blogger;

    if you had been following the MLS stadium in Queens news for even a second of the past 6 months you’d know that the league plans to have whoever purchases the NYC2 franchise pay FOR THE ENTIRE STADIUM … about $300M. it has been the plan from the very beginning and has been part of the conversation from the very beginning. so you might actually want to research just a bit before spouting off on something and sounding like an ingnoramous.

    MLs doesn’t want to play in CitiField because playing soccer in a baseball stadium sucks for the fans. MLS has grown and found success by having their teams in appropriately sized Soccer Specific Stadiums where their teams control the scheduling and revenue. Also MLS does not want some ponzi scheme MLB loser owners as part of their club. Soccer is a young hip and energetic fan experience … MLB is a moribund aging fan experience. Running a mediocre baseball team does not prepare one to run a successful MLS team, and MLS is interested in the NYC2/Queens franchise being a pillar of the league and doesn’t want it in the hands of owners who are barely competent at running a team in the sport they are actually experienced in.

  4. Playing soccer in a baseball stadium is just bad for business. Unless the stadium is heavily renovated, which isn’t possible for the the field while the Mets still use the field, MLS has no reason to consider this option. Besides, MLS in NY has a lot of wealthy owners looking to purchase the club and the league is looking to fund the stadium on its own. Soccer isn’t as bad off as your ignorance lets it believe, because the league has set a $100 million Expansion Fee for the owners who do decide to take on the team in NY. That alone is 1/3rd the cost of the stadium. MLS has large ambitions and this “possibilty” will not satisfy those.

  5. The blogger stated: “Unless the MLS wants to fund the project 100 percent, New York City should tell the league to take a hike.”

    My queston to the clueless is: How were all other sports stadiums in NY funded?

  6. Wow.

    Such hate from these ‘soccer’ fans.

    John said the Mets want to bring mls to their stadium. Now you may not like that, but the advantage is you have a stadium rather than having to build one. This does not imply ownership of the team it means they are proposing the facility to have your games played.

    One more thing you guys are assholes. Perhaps your small brains don’t have the ability to disagree with someone without being pricks.

    • Wow… which part of “you cannot convert a baseball field back & forth into a soccer field consistently” you cluless morons do not understand?
      And the emphisized word here is “consistently”, as in week-in, week-out throughout the year, every year.
      And that’s just one of the challenges. No need to discuss others.

      But please, go back to hibernation… MLS has been doing great without you for 17 years now and getting stronger every year.

      And if you think this is “hate”, then I suggest you re-read this blogger’s post again.