Ignore Pavano Rumors To Mets

One of the most ridiculous things I’ve read over the past few days was the idea of the Mets being interested in signing FA pitcher and Alyssa Milano reject Carl Pavano as their fifth starter. Let’s be realistic about this, the penny-pinching Mets have no chance of signing Pavano, even if they wanted him.

Pavano made $8.5 million last year with Minnesota, and although he could take a pay cut, even that will be too pricey for Sandy Alderson. If anything, of all the veteran FA starters on the market, the one they have the best chance of signing would be to bring back Chris Young.

The Mets are also searching for relief help, and Francisco Rodriguez – been there, done that – Matt Capps and Jose Valverde are also too rich for the Mets’ blood.


4 thoughts on “Ignore Pavano Rumors To Mets

  1. I would be fine with Chris Young. He pitched well here for a #5 and I know we cannot afford more.

    Also, money not being a factor, I think KRod is better than what we have. Not much mind you but better.

  2. With the $ saved? on wright back loaded deal and Dickey being traded and Bay let go, couldn’t we pool a chuck of $ to get Micheal Bourn, and just forget about the draft choice we would not get?To fill multi voids with him.

    • No we cannot.

      I wonder how much the team lost this past year. Every year we lose money and the team struggles to pay its debts. This includes $50M to MLB. This includes the $20M Citibank pays the team for naming rights.

      Sandy is dropping salary because he is trying to get salaries/costs in line with revenues. As I have been saying for some time now the Wilpons are terrible owners and need to sell the team. Pride will not allow them to do so and the Mets will continue to be a joke as long as Freddy and Little Jeffy own/run the team.