Kudos To Braves

Did you see what the Atlanta Braves are planning for next year?

A return of the screaming savage logo on their batting practice caps. Political correctness be damned, and I love it.

Screaming savage logo is back

There are fewer things more offensive to me than the political correctness movement. Fortunately, no professional football or baseball teams caved and changed their nicknames because of PC. The Washington Bullets changed their name to Wizards.

As if a team nickname would prompt somebody to go ballistic. The Bullets got their name when they were in Baltimore, which is close to where ordnance manufacturers are located.

But, the PCers found it offensive and Washington caved and changed the name. Fortunately, the Braves, Indians, Chiefs and Redskins held their traditional ground.

To me, more offensive than the names is the weakness in changing your ground to placate the disgruntled let’s-find-something-to-bitch-about rumbling minority.

For the most part, team names are either territorial as something to identify the team to the city in which it plays or create a fearsome image.

I can’t, even for one moment, believe an organization sat in a meeting room and said, “let’s find a name that will offend this group of people.’’

I can, however, envision them coming up, or revising, a logo that will sell, sell, sell.



3 thoughts on “Kudos To Braves

  1. I gotta disagree with you here John.
    Native Americans are offended by how they are portrayed in logo’s of this nature. They have the right to voice those concerns.
    In today’s day and age, we should be considerate of how actions, words, etc. may negatively impact people or groups.
    The name “Braves” is fine. But the chant is terrible, and the logo is bad as well.
    It’s a shame that the need for the all mighty dollar outweighs common courtesy for your fellow man.
    You even called it “screaming savage”. So that shows the portrayal is stereotypical of Native Americans (Indians really being those people who actually live in India, the place Columbus and others were trying to find and did not).
    I’m with you on the Bullets to Wizards change, that was just silly.
    But this is wrong.

    • Ed: I called it screaming savage because that is the technical name for the logo. It is nice to be considerate of others, but PC has swung too far in the opposite direction. I think this decision had nothing to do with showing a lack of respect as it does for making a buck. I’d be interested in seeing the sales for this year.-JD

  2. Yeah, they are trying to make a buck, selling something offensive.
    The very name of the logo is offensive.