Merry Christmas; R.I.P. Jack Klugman

I woke up this morning all set to write you a Christmas and holiday wish, but as it always does, life intruded with the sad news of Jack Klugman’s passing last night in Los Angeles. I hope you’ll spend a moment and read one of his many obit’s on the Internet.

One of my favorite programs growing up was “The Odd Couple,” and a dream was to be a sportswriter in New York. I started writing prep sports for the local paper when I was in high school and my nickname was Oscar. In part, because of the sportswriting and also in part because I was voted “messiest locker.”

I loved that show and several years ago was given a DVD set for Christmas. I didn’t watch “Quincy,” because he was always Oscar to me, but I appreciated the depth of his talents when I caught him in “Twelve Angry Men,” and several episodes of “The Twilight Zone.” I especially remember the one in which he was a pool shark.

It was a sad good morning to read about his passing, but it does tie in to my “It’s A Wonderful Life” post. Klugman was 90, and his son said he had a full and meaningful life. Part of his life, one he never knew, was his influence on a young kid growing up in Ohio who wanted to be a sportswriter.

I miss him already.

I hope you all enjoy today with your families and have a very Merry Christmas and celebrate today with your own traditions. My best wishes to you all.






3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas; R.I.P. Jack Klugman

  1. In the movie, the Pirates hit into a triple play, not the Mets. Supposedly, they wanted Clemente to hit into the triple play and he refused! Thanks for the Odd /couple memories and happy holidays.

  2. I too read about it this morning.

    Which 12 Angry Men was he in? There are two versions I know of.

    The odd couple was great

    • he was in the great original 1957 version, starring Henry Fonda, #87 on the American Film Institues list of top 100 all time American films. I was suprised to read in his obit that he had been the last surviving cast member.