Mets Outbid For Liriano And Ross

It has come to this, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Arizona Diamondbacks have outbid the Mets.

The now pitching-deficient and long-time outfield void Mets had their sights on left-hander Francisco Liriano and outfielder Cody Ross, but lost them to the Pirates and Diamondbacks, respectively, who offered multi-year deals they wouldn’t have dreamt of giving.

The Pirates, who were a feel-good story for much of the season before fading late because of their pitching, gave Liriano a two-year, $14-million deal.

Ross, who hit 22 homers with 81 RBI last year for Boston, was given a three-year, $26-million contract.

The Mets are interested in retaining outfielder Scott Hairston, but are reluctant to go longer than two years or more than $2 million, so there’s no chance they could have signed Ross.

As far as Liriano, they could have easily signed him with the money they saved by not bringing back R.A. Dickey.

But, neither happened, and signing Hairston probably won’t happen, either.

4 thoughts on “Mets Outbid For Liriano And Ross

  1. The Mets weren’t outbid for anyone. After fake rumor after fake rumor for three winters in a row isn’t it obvious the only ones the Mets bid on are guys nobody else wants? The Mets have to reduce payroll to the amount they would have always spent if they hadnm’t received millions from ponzii schemes. In other words, the Wilpons are not fit owners. And Bud Selig is being criminal to Met fans by taking his pathetic friendship over the good of the game.

    • I agree.

      Selling would do the game a favor by treating the Mets the way he treated the LA team and for ing them to sell.

  2. We do realize that Liriano has stunk the past fews years right?
    So exactly why should the lilmited funds the Wilpon’s have be used to sign this guy?
    Haven’t we learned anything from past signings to long term deals of marginal guys (Castillo, Perez)?