Trade Awaits Extension For Dickey

My, that was an impressive showing this afternoon from the Giants. A complete meltdown, reminiscent in one game what we saw in the second half this summer from the Mets – a total zero.

The Mets did have something to cheer about in the second half, that being their soon-to-be former Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey. What Mets fans hoped wouldn’t happen, but probably secretly knew would, is within hours of fruition.

No more than 72 hours to be exact, the negotiating window the Mets will give the Toronto Blue Jays to work out an extension. If Dickey accepts what he was willing to take from the Mets, that being two years and $26 million on top of the $5-million option for 2013, this will be a slam dunk.

But, Dickey wanted to stay in New York and was willing to give the Wilpons a home team discount as a thank you for giving him the opportunity to salvage his career. Dickey, of course, owes nothing to the Blue Jays. With the Mets obviously not wanting him, Dickey could accept what the Blue Jays offer to get this over with, or, with no incentive to make things easier for GM Sandy Alderson, he could just play hardball.

However, if Dickey, in essence vetoes the trade by rejecting Toronto’s proposal, he would be taking an enormous risk. The worst-case scenario for him – barring injury – would be getting $5 million for this year, but if he doesn’t have a duplicate season he would be chancing getting a paltry deal in the 2013 free-agent market.

Although Dickey’s 2013 $5-million option has been picked up, it is doubtful the Blue Jays will part with top catching prospect Travis d’Arnaud and others without certainty of how long they’ll have the knuckleballer.

There was speculation had the Mets acquiesced to Dickey’s contract request it would enhance his trade value because it would account for three years of payroll certainty. However, the Mets  had no inclination to do so and were only interested in trading Dickey and get whatever they could.

Reportedly, the deal includes a swap of catchers, with Josh Thole going to the Blue Jays and John Buck coming to the Mets. Makes sense because Toronto would need somebody to catch the knuckleball.

The trade is also contingent on the players passing physicals, but d’Arnaud – the key to the deal for the Mets – injured his knee and also has back issues at age 24. If d’Arnaud has significant physical questions, what is the point from the Mets’ perspective other than to just get rid of Dickey?

Of course, wouldn’t it be like the Mets to trade their Cy Young Award winner for damaged goods?

One thought on “Trade Awaits Extension For Dickey

  1. I hadn’t read about the back

    If the Mets make the deal for a stud catcher prospect with injuries what is the point?

    I am sorry to see RA go. But I knew this would happen

    I am kinda surprised the signed David

    The Giant came was terrible. I saw 5 minutes and turned it off after a touchdown. Apparently their secondary is injured. I heard in game of 3 corners that were hurt.

    They need to heal if they want to make a run