Updating Dwindling Market For Dickey

The longer this drags on with R.A. Dickey, the better it is for the Mets in re-signing him. The Mets are holding out for big and shiny pieces in the trade market, saying that’s the value for a Cy Young Award winning pitcher.

DICKEY: Will he hear the cheers again in NY?

That’s the same argument Dickey’s agent is giving the Mets.

Reportedly, Dickey is seeking a two-year deal for $26 million on top of the 2013 option for $5 million. Supposedly, the Mets are countering with three years at $25 million.

That’s a $6 million difference, which Dickey can more than make up in bonuses and commercial endorsements if he stays around.

He’s an intelligent guy and I’m banking he’ll come around to that thinking. The Mets have the leverage in that Dickey has only done this for one year, and at 38, he’s not going to have another shot at a payday unless he stays on the option and has another monster year.

Want to guess the odds on that?

Dickey has to see that, especially since the trade market for him isn’t as hot as the Mets hoped in the wake of Zack Greinke signing and James Shields being traded.

In Dickey, teams see a one-hit, 38-year-old wonder with a trick pitch. It’s not totally fair, but I learned a long time ago life isn’t fair.

7 thoughts on “Updating Dwindling Market For Dickey

  1. I think both sides have to see the real worth,put aside the big dream of a trade return or the big payday, and take what they can get now and move on. Amen.

  2. The one thing you got right. Dickey is very intelligent. He’s smarter than the zombie GM Alderson which is why he won’t take a deal that is BS for his talent level. Alderson is a clown. Living in ancient times, dreaming of how easy it was for him as GM when he hos Jose leading the way in roids. Bring back Omar. At least he is human.

    • Nathan: Dickey is smart, but like many people in negotiations, he’s getting emotional and perhaps overestimating his worth. Everybody in this is swimming in unchartered waters. He is a Cy Young Award winner on the market which should mean something, but he is 38 and only done it once. People will be reluctant in breaking the bank with him.-JD

  3. I do not see how teams that want to win now can pass up on the reigning Cy Young winner with the unique pitch in baseball who has hitters shaking their head when they leave the batters box. He is a strikeout leader, walks leader, low era, 20 game winner on a terrible team.

    They can’t sign the above player to a 2 year contract for 25-30 million?


    • dave: I’m not disputing anything you’re saying. Just remember, he’s only done it once and he’s 38. Can he do it again? If he can, he’s worth it, but he has no such track record.-JD

      • When you say once I assume you mean 20 game winner and not Cy Young.

        What I have seen is a player who keeps getting better. Yes age is a factor which is why I propose 2 or 3 years only. He is the ace of the staff. He is durable. Unlike all these other players – Niese included – he is healthy. They paid Niese on potential. Why can’t they pay the man based on performance?

        His era for the 3 years he has been here has been good. According to the chart it looks like he learned the pitch 5 years ago. I think they need to pay the man. I think they are making excuses for their financial situation. If they are this bad in the NY market they need to sell. But I keep saying that