Mets Should Be More Active Hawking Tickets For 2013

First of all, this is not a plug to buy 2013 Mets tickets. It is simply something I am wondering about: Why aren’t the Mets doing more to plug tickets for this season?

You can buy them at, and I suppose you might see them advertised on SNY – but that’s more a house ad – but other than that I don’t see much plugging and stumping for next summer.


Other than the obvious, that advertising costs money, there’s not a good reason, especially this time of season, when tickets should be finding their way under the tree.

In all probability, a baseball fan is a sports fan, but I haven’t seen any commercials during the Giants, Jets, Knicks or Nets. If I missed one, I am sorry, but overall I am surprised at the lack of stumping.

One thing the Mets used to do was a winter caravan, where players made appearances throughout the tri-state area. You don’t see that anymore. It was replaced by one big event in Manhattan prior to Christmas at the library, but you don’t see that, either.


Enough players live in the area, or could be flown in, to make it work. The Mets should be making us think about baseball now, not just the week prior to spring training.

I realize they haven’t done much to improve the team outside of signing David Wright, but there are things that could be emphasized, such as Matt Harvey and Jon Niese. For its holes, this is a young team with promise.

There’s an old adage, that to make money you have to spend it, but that’s not happening, at least to where many are noticing.

The Mets will never supplant the Yankees in New York. That’s not a knock, it is just fact. It is 100-plus years of winning tradition compared to 50 years with only two World Series titles and four appearances. That doesn’t mean the Mets haven’t owned the City at times, or won’t again.

However, with Alex Rodriguez out until at least July and Derek Jeter perhaps not ready for the start of the season, and add several departures and the Yankees aren’t an October shoo-in for 2013. Of course, that all changes if Curtis Granderson is traded to make room for Josh Hamilton.

Until then, the Mets have a chance to create some off-season ripples, but are letting it slip away.

Mets’ players are making public relations appearances for charitable causes. Both the Yankees and Mets are stellar in that regard, but I want to see the team from Flushing be more active in stumping for tickets, from single-game to groups to season packages.

The schedule is set for 2013, and so too should be an intense marking program. I don’t get a dime from the Mets, but I can think of a multitude of promotional gestures that could get things going.

How about a telethon on SNY during a rebroadcast of a famous Mets’ game, such as Game 6 of the 1986 World Series or Game 5 in 1969? To make it special have some Mets, current and retired, manning the phones with signed memorabilia as the prize?

How about having some of the current Mets players hand deliver the season tickets? What a shock it would be to have Ike Davis or Wright or Niese or, hopefully, R.A. Dickey, show up at your door.

How about players, current and older, hosting group sales events at Citi Field? Come out and see your location with a Met as a tour guide.

C’mon Mets, let’s get moving. Next season is right around the corner.

6 thoughts on “Mets Should Be More Active Hawking Tickets For 2013

  1. What is this? Kansas City? Milwaukee?

    The Mets need to put a product on the field and that will sell itself. Marketing a 74 win team that has gotten worse with no path to improvement in the next 3 years is difficult.

    • MDonaldWilpon: It isn’t KC or Milwaukee, but it might as well be considering how the Mets are handling things. Marketing this team is tough and figures to get tougher. But, it will only get worse if they let things slide.-JD

  2. John

    I hear you and you make a good point. The question is what is the hook? What is the message?

    ‘We will be competitive’? That has been said ever since 2006. It is tired and a lie.

    We cannot will not sign the reigning Cy Young winner who is a Met. Why?

    If you are going to shill you need a story. The Mets are a singularly inept organization run by little jeffy.Remember when they opened the new stadium? They spent all their energy inside the stadium promoting other teams and not a word about the history of the team.

    The owners need to go.

    • dave: A lot of people think the same way you do, and for the most part I agree. My point is they’re still going to field a team in 2013 so they might as well do something. I’m not shilling for the Mets. I get no money from them. What I suggested are marketing ideas for a losing team.-JD

  3. dave: One more thing. The hook, the message, is that the Mets are your baseball team. Win or lose, they are your team. Get the players out and it shows a personal touch. That’s what you have to sell as long as they aren’t winning.-JD

    • Yes. That would work.

      Get David, Ike, RA, etc out to promote the team and shake hands or just stand there and take pictures.

      They don’t even need to say anything other than they come to play for us and will try.