Updated Offer To Wright; Dickey Talks Slow

The updated numbers for David Wright appear right, perhaps close enough for an agreement.

It was first reported yesterday the Mets made a $100-million offer for six years, but then a second report was for $125-million over seven years. Both are suitable proposals, but Wright seems determined for a seven-year deal that would run through at least 2020.

WRIGHT (R): Who will greet him at the plate in 2013? (AP)

At this stage of the game it is splitting hairs between six years and an option or seven years. In all probability, the seven-year offer would also contain an option, perhaps multiple options that kick in based on games played and plate appearances.

Major League sources said it was unlikely a deal would be reached before the Winter Meetings next week, which isn’t surprising as there are always loose ends in such a contract.

Meanwhile, the R.A. Dickey talks are slow, despite the organization penciling him into their 2013 rotation. Both Wright and Dickey maintain their decision could be impacted on the other. The Mets obviously deem their All-Star third baseman the top priority, as they should.

Wright is arguably one of the top five players in franchise history and currently the Mets’ most popular player. The team was roasted for not making an offer to Jose Reyes and desperately wants to avoid another public relations disaster.

Not re-signing Wright hurts the Mets on several fronts. First there’s the alienation of their deteriorating fan base, but also the perception to potential free agents they aren’t trying.

The Mets’ thinking is to sign Wright and Dickey as their offseason splash. Initially, GM Sandy Alderson said the team wanted to improve through trades, but that’s unlikely as Wright and Dickey are their best chips outside their untouchable young pitching.

Now, they claim they’ll go through free-agency to improve their outfield, bullpen and catching positions. That will be a neat trick considering Alderson said not to expect any significant signings.

What does it tell you that with a power-hitting right-handed bat a priority, the belief is Scott Hairston could be too expensive to re-sign? If you can’t sign a role player, how can you expect to sign a starter?

I believe they’ll keep Wright and Dickey, but add little else of substance.

Friday is the deadline to non-tender arbitration eligible players and the Mets’ thinking is to cut ties with former No. 1 draft pick Mike Pelfrey, outfielder Andres Torres and reliever Manny Acosta.

I was thinking the Mets might retain Pelfrey and put him in the bullpen at first until the inevitable breakdown in the rotation.

2 thoughts on “Updated Offer To Wright; Dickey Talks Slow

  1. I hope they do this. Does multiple reports and the fact it is picked up by the general news media mean it is serious?

    They also need to lock up their Cy Young.

  2. Piazza is on the ballot as well as Clemens and Bonds.

    This will be a test of the writers. How do they see the Hall and do they care about the integrity of the game?

    By the numbers all deserve to be in the hall. The question for them is if they did this with a corked bat would they vote them in?