Wilpon Lays Out Scenarios For Wright And Dickey

At least they are talking.

Mets CEO Jeff Wilpon said there’s dialogue between the team and David Wright and R.A. Dickey, then added he’s optimistic about keeping them.

WILPON: Facing a future without Wright and Dickey.

What else is he going to say? “No, I think they’ll both leave.’’ Yeah, that will sell a lot of tickets.

You have to be skeptical whenever any side in a negotiation says something on the record, as much of the time it is posturing and sending a message to the other party. Parties will talk with the media when it is their best interests.

The most interesting thing said was having a preference to letting them play out their options and taking the draft picks rather than orchestrating a trade. That’s the route they chose with Jose Reyes after not even making an offer. This time, numbers have been exchanged.

Draft picks are cheaper than major league players. It also makes one wonder if they don’t believe they’ll get much in return, or would be able to keep the new players.

Reportedly, Wright is seeking a seven-year, $125-million package, while the Mets are offering much less.

How far is the divide? I don’t know, but presumably the Mets are offering roughly $100 million over five, which isn’t bad, but not a superstar deal.

I’m not crazy of deals longer than five years because of the injury factor, so I’d inclined to front load the contract.

As far as Dickey is concerned, he wants three years, but is 38 and likely will get two years plus an option. There are two wild cards with Dickey: 1) he’s only had one great season (the previous two were solid), and 2) he’s a knuckleballer, so we presume he can last longer.

Don’t expect the Mets to just give them the money to keep them regardless. If the Cardinals can say good-bye to Albert Pujols, then the Mets can do the same with Wright and Dickey. Wilpon’s preference for draft picks over trade says he’s not willing to give the players whatever they want or be forced into a trade.

Neither player wants to negotiate after spring training, and both stated what they do is linked to the other because it is an indicator of what direction the team is heading.

The Mets and Wilpon were quiet in their non-dealings with Reyes and grilled. At least this time he acknowledges what could happen.

And, two of the three options aren’t good.

One thought on “Wilpon Lays Out Scenarios For Wright And Dickey

  1. 1) The Mets should/need to sign both. Their decision signals where the team is headed over the next few years

    2) David is worth a good 5 year contract. Dickey is worth 3 I think.

    3) The Jose thing was handled incredibly badly. Their silence was terrible. To some extent I am glad they did not sign him. He wanted too much money for what he produced. He is a very good but frustratingly inconsistent player. He has the tools to be one of the best players in the game, but sadly he is only very good with periods of being the best. He has a great glove, a great arm, great speed and hits well when he is not trying to launch home runs. Unfortunately every season he takes weeks off in the field, his hamstrings are always an issue and he loves to hit home runs which causes him to strike out or pop out rather than hit doubles and scare the pitcher.

    Also Ruben has filled in very nicely and plays a very good short stop for us.

    4) How long was Pujol’s contract? Again I think with him it is the years. His team will pay a lot of money in his declining years.

    Baseball is different from football. In football players hold out because they are playing for today and they have a short shelf life. also their contracts can be killed. In baseball the contract is guaranteed. So if you overpay you cannot just cut the player and renegotiate.