Marlins Scuttle Ship: Deal Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson And Mark Buehrle

If you think being a Mets’ fan is tough – and it is hard work – imagine waking up this morning a Miami Marlins fan and learning your team was gutted. The franchise that held firesales after winning the World Series in 1997 and 2003 reached a new low last night with the news of its pending trade of stars to the Toronto Blue Jays.

REYES: Will he stay in Toronto? (AP)

What was supposed to be a dream season for the Marlins continued its nightmare way with the news the team was sending ace Josh Johnson, shortstop Jose Reyes, left-hander Mark Buehrle, catcher John Buck and infielder Emilio Bonifacio to Toronto.

In return, the Blue Jays sent to the Marlins: shortstop Yunel Escobar, pitcher Henderson Alvarez, catcher Jeff Mathis, and prospect outfielder Jake Marisnick, shortsop Adeiny Hechavarria, lefthander Justin Nicolino and pitcher Anthony DeSclafani.

Because of the size of the contracts, MLB must first sign off on the deal.

The deal, which is nothing more than a salary dump by the Marlins, is another shameful performance from this franchise that showed Jeffrey Loria might be the most clueless owner in the sport.

The lone Marlin worth watching, Giancarlo Stanton, tweeted he was pissed off. But, at least he gets paid to watch this mess. Wonder how deep the season ticket line is in South Florida today waiting to buy tickets to go into that carnival of a ballpark.

I also wonder what Ozzie Guillen is thinking today.

The new look Marlins imploded from the beginning, with Guillen alienating half of Miami with his comments about Fidel Castro. Reliever Heath Bell blew save after save and Reyes, who couldn’t co-exist with Hanley Ramirez, got off to a slow start.

Johnson, who was hurt in 2011 struggled in his comeback, and the Marlins continued to flounder. Then came slash-and-burn, with trades of Ramirez to the Dodgers, and Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante to Detroit.

It was clear the Marlins surrendered the season.

Guillen was fired and Bell traded, then last night ….

This is a great deal for the Mets in it probably eliminates the possibility of finishing in last place in 2013. The Blue Jays are now a power in the formidable AL East along with the Yankees, Baltimore and Tampa Bay. And, you know the Red Sox will do something.

This deal isn’t yet finished, because as a free-agent signee who is dealt during his new contract, Reyes can opt to be a free agent after this season. Whatever Reyes does it won’t include coming back to the Mets, but with Derek Jeter coming off a serious injury, who can’t see him landing in the Bronx one day?

2 thoughts on “Marlins Scuttle Ship: Deal Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson And Mark Buehrle

  1. john, they still have that rule you mentioned re Jose becoming a FA at the end of next season? Wow. Surprised no one else has written about that.

  2. Yes. There is the silver lining of the Mets having help not being the worst team in their division.

    However as you say the Marlins have done this before. If their plan works they will be in the World Series in 3 or 4 years.

    As a Met fan although I would hate to have my favorite players shipped off it is nice to know in a few years I will have a good team that will have a good chance to win it all in a few years.

    When was the last time we had a chance? I do not remember.