Be Safe During Hurricane Sandy

Just taking a break from working on a post on the Mets’ bullpen to wish you all the best over the next few days as we’ll be pummeled by Hurricane Sandy. Watching the Weather Channel and this will be a nasty one.

The Tri-State area will be a mess this week and it is anybody’s guess as to how long many of us will be without power. I’ll be busy for the next few hours working on some projects in anticipation of losing power and Internet access. If the power goes down I can go on battery for a few hours, but will lose my Wi-Fi and cable, thereby, the ability to post. So, if you notice a gap in posting you’ll know why.

I will attempt to post as many of those projects as possible with the thought I won’t be able to tonight or tomorrow.

The most important thing is for you all be be safe in your homes. Be safe my friends. John

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