Should Mets Take A Flyer On Juan Pierre?

Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly looks at which corner outfielders the Phillies are likely to keep or are on their way out.  Among the ones who could be free agents are Juan Pierre, Laynce Nix, and Ty Wigginton.

I have a mild interest in Wigginton, but Pierre may be a better fit for the team and he shouldn’t be too costly. Here is what Salisbury writes:

Juan Pierre

For a guy who lingered on the free-agent market into January and came to camp on a minor-league deal, Pierre made a huge contribution in 2012 and was a bargain at $800,000. He made 98 starts in left field, ranked second on the team in batting average (.307), tied for second in hits (121) and third in on-base percentage at .351. He also led the team with 37 steals and was caught just seven times.

In addition to his contributions on the field, Pierre was one of the most prepared and professional players to come through the Phillies’ clubhouse in years. He never took a play off. If Pierre wants to stay in baseball after his playing days, some organization would be wise to hire him to mentor young players on the art of being a big-leaguer. The guy has a baseball IQ that is off the charts and excellent people skills. Future manager? You heard it here first.

Despite Pierre’s contribution in 2012, the Phillies face a tough decision regarding the 35-year-old’s future. There are indications that the team would like to add more of a power bat in left field. Pierre also hits left-handed on a team that is heavy in left-handed bats. The heart says bring Pierre back, but the head says the Phillies may go in a different direction.

Pierre has been incredibly consistent over the last three seasons and has averaged 150 games per season in that span. He would certainly give the team such much needed speed, would be a better leadoff hitter than Andres Torres, and fills a need in the outfield. He’s just a slap-hitting, singles guy with the occasional triple, but he still does a good job of rattling a pitcher’s concentration and can lay down a bunt. He’s a great contact hitter and averages only 38 strikeouts a season in his career. The fact that he knows the game and has great fundamentals won’t hurt either especially if it rubs off on some of the other players.

3 thoughts on “Should Mets Take A Flyer On Juan Pierre?

  1. You paint a good picture. I never thought much of Pierre. We could use someone who hits for average has a good glove and doesn’t strike out. If he has this profile and can be had without much trouble I say go for it.

  2. Funny, you hated Castillo but you want his back, and yes lets put him in centerfield, maybe his throws will roll to the infield dirt.

  3. In a word Joe, no. In more words, hell no.
    Think about it, why was he signed to a minor league contract? Perhaps because he is not very good? I looked at his stats, his OBP was 351 this year, but i was 327 in 2011 and 316 in 2010. His OPS+ is typically below 100 through his career (with a couple of exceptions).
    The other option is not necessarily Torres (who I grant should not be back). Capt. Kirk may be healthy, or perhaps a trade arises. But 35 year old Juan Pierre should not be an option.